A few days after Diego Verdaguer’s departure, Ana Victoria dedicates some emotional words to her sister Gimena

In the midst of the duel they are going through due to the recent death of Diego Verdaguerhis two daughters, Anna Victoria and Gimena, they have come together more than ever. And it is that despite the distance and having been born to different mothers, the singer’s daughters have tried to build a close relationship based on the love they both feel for their father. Something that Ana Victoria has recently witnessed on her social networks, where she has dedicated an emotional message to her older sister for her birthday, making it clear that there is only love between them and that everything that has come to be speculated about to them they are pure rumours.

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Through her Instagram profile, the singer shared a beautiful photograph in which she can be seen posing next to her famous father and Gimena, all smiling for the camera and revealing the great love that unites them. At the bottom of the publication, the daughter of amanda michael He wrote some nice congratulatory words for his sister, highlighting the closeness that exists between them. “My Gimena, if dad lived in that beautiful picture, today I would be with you hugging you and celebrating your life. He always looked after you and I love you deeply”, shared the young artist, referring to the great love that Diego felt for her.

The singer continued with her message, alluding to the closeness they have always had despite the circumstances in which their relationship has taken place, endorsing the great affection she has for her, which makes her feel even closer despite the distance, because let’s remember that Gimena lives in her native Argentina, while Ana Victoria in Mexico. “Today you and I are the closest branches, made from the same trunk…. We will continue to fulfill her most cherished dream: love each other and be together. I love you happy birthday!”, expressed Diego Verdaguer’s daughter excitedly.

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A few days ago, during the posthumous tribute dedicated to Diego Verdaguer in the Basilica of Guadalupe, Ana Victoria made reference to the closeness she maintains with Gimena: “The relationship with my sister is very good, it always was, everything that my father created is beautiful, always. He always instilled in me and my mother that we were a beautiful family…”, he stated during the press conference.

Gimena’s farewell to her father

In addition to his wife, Amanda Miguel and his youngest daughter Ana Victoria, the singer is survived by his eldest daughter, Gimena Boccadoro, whom he fathered in his youth in his native Argentina. After the death of the artist was announced, Diego’s daughter expressed her feelings through social networks: “I will always find you again. We will always keep our love. Despite everything, we never let go of each other’s hand. You are my support and as you said, I am your angel. A being like you will always find happiness, create beauty and live adventures. Keep going, keep creating. Thank you for being my dad, as the song Nena says, you are my first great love. The eldest of the Verdaguer sisters also highlighted the excellent role of the singer’s grandfather: “Thank you for being the best grandfather for Malena and Elan, who love you deeply. You are and will always be my sunshine, ”she reads to herself on her feed.

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A few days after Diego Verdaguer’s departure, Ana Victoria dedicates some emotional words to her sister Gimena