Abuse, surrogate motherhood and even cosmetic surgeries; the controversies of Ricky Martin

The name of Ricky Martin He is again trending on social networks, but not because of his good performance on stage, but because of a restraining order that was lifted against him for the crime of domestic violence.

The authorities of Puerto Rico announced that said document is based on Law 54 of that country, which protects victims of violence, so they have not been able to give more details in this regard.

Although it is a bitter pill in the Puerto Rican’s career, this is not the first time he has been involved in matters controversialsome of the most notorious are:

Lawsuit for labor injustices

In recent days, his former assistant Rebecca Druker initiated a process in Los Angeles court, in which he demands the payment of just over three million dollars.

Among the accusations made against Martin are the non-payment of some commissions, a toxic work environment and the resolution of the singer’s personal problems, who claimed “substance abuse”.

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Along with his partner, the Syrian artist Jwan Yosef, Ricky has four children, whom they procreated through surrogacy.

The also actor has stated that he would like to follow the same method to have up to 10 children. In an interview with People magazine last year, he confessed that he and his partner have frozen several embryos so they can become parents on several more occasions.

However, what caused criticism of the interpreter of “Maybe” was that he compared the way in which his children came into the world with the creation of Jesus Christ, an essential figure in the Catholic Church.

“I did not rent a womb, they lent it to me, and several times; and I have on a pedestal those great women who helped me create my family. How I have Mary on a pedestal, the Virgin who lent her womb so that Jesus could come into the world”.

surgeries on the face

In October 2021, the singer had to go out to deny the allegations made about his physical appearance, after he appeared in an interview with his face visibly swollen.

Suspicions of possible cosmetic repairs were immediate, so Ricky and his team clarified that it was not Botox or surgery, but an allergy to a drug he took.

“If I put on botox, I would have told them because I have nothing to hide,” he said in a video where he showed the lines on his face.

In addition, in recent days he has also been involved in the controversies about abortion and censorship towards the LGBT + community, because through his social networks he has shared his position on the lesbian scene of the children’s movie “Lightyear”, in addition to the fact that the Supreme US court has struck down the right to abortion.

“Those people who think that their children are going to become gay to see “Lightyear”, put Einstein documentaries on them to see if the intelligence that they did not acquire by genetics also sticks to them,” read a state he shared.

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Abuse, surrogate motherhood and even cosmetic surgeries; the controversies of Ricky Martin