Adamari López on her current life: “I’m not 50 years old to be putting up with shit ** from anyone”

“I’m not 50 years old to be putting up with shit from anyone”… Direct, calm but sure and revealing her most vulnerable side, Adamari Lopez talked about his current life with Jorge Pabón, better known as El Mollusco from Puerto Rico.

Taking advantage of his days on the Island of Enchantment, from where he broadcast for ‘Hoy Día’, Adamari recorded an interview of more than an hour with Mollusco for his podcast. There he talked about everything, they joked, they bullied each other, and They dedicated a large part of the interview to the separation from Toni Costa, his current relationship, of which he confessed that she is not at her best and everything they do to try to ensure that Alaïa, the daughter they have in common, only sees harmony and not what really happens between them.

I could think that I am a good person, that I am a good human being, that I am generous, that on many occasions I am nice, but I also have demands as a womanas an artist, as a mother, as a sister, and on occasions, perhaps, there are things that I do not want to tolerate, I am 50 years old, there is a different life experience than others, raised in a different countryin a different nucleus, a different culture than others, well maybe I am not that easy, and sometimes yes, I am a woman who as a woman fucks, and sometimes as a woman she can be submissive and pretty, but what I don’t like I don’t like, and sometimes I can say it nicely, sometimes the third time I don’t ask for it nicely.

For the good I am good, for the bad not, if you don’t give me any reason I’m going to be very good, don’t look for me, don’t lie to me, don’t want to take me as an asshole because I’m not cool anymoreI stop being nice to be a person who does not tolerate certain things, and when you do not tolerate them, the talks, and when you stop talking because they do not listen to you, then a fight comes because I am not going to stand it, I’m not 50 years old to be putting up with shit from anyone“So direct and clear was the tone of the conversation where, many times, Pabón asked her directly about Toni and in others she seemed to let him glimpse without saying names.

Even when El Mollusco wanted to be a little more political and I congratulate her for how well they were doing as parents to be united figures for Alaïathis was what Adamari replied.

Toni and I have conflicts, normal, between two big people who don’t always agree on things, but that’s not what we bring to the girl, and it is not what we discussed in front of the girl, and that is not the example that we are going to give the girl.

Alaïa with Adamari and Toni at Nickelodeon Hotel
Alaïa with Adamari and Toni at Nickelodeon Hotel. Photo: Latin Icons

We can solve our big problems with reasoning and we can both make mistakes and screw up, between the two of us, not with her… The girl is not to blame for our separation, nor for our mistakes, we have to handle it with love, because We are going to continue being a family, because we are going to fight for the well-being of the girl, both of us, our fights, our mistakes, our lack of understanding, cannot have repercussions in: ‘Oh no, now you’re not going to see the girl’, ‘oh no, now we’re not going to take a picture together’… We’re not going to take that to our daughter, we still don’t agree on many things”, he said and reaffirmed making it clear that this is exactly where they are today.

Today we don’t agree, today we can fight over a lot of things Toni and I, but not in front of the girl, in front of the girl we will be in harmony, even if we pull our hair out“He said and gestured as if making it clear that this is how the relationship is today with his ex.

The Mollusk asked him about the most difficult moments in his life to face them publicly, and although many might think that he would have chosen cancer, He said that his two separations, that of Luis Fonsi and the current one with Toni Costa.

“The separations I think is something difficult to handle publicly, it’s hard when you put something that hurt the susceptibility of the other, then it created a bad vibe. When you messed up saying the wrong word, when it wasn’t what you wanted but you were mad. There are things that are difficult publicly, but we are human beings and in a moment of anger you get an answer and it left you in a bad showed an ugly side of yourself that we all have, but that publicly doesn’t look good… That has happened to me in the two separations, they are mistakes that are made and you have to face themAdamari assured.

Adamari López does not pay attention to the criticism they make of her.
Adamari Lopez. Photo: Mezcaliente

They also touched on how good it looks and how much it has gone down. Pabón, who is also in the process of losing weight through bariatric surgery, asked if the rumors that she underwent a they were true.

He did not deny it directly, but assured that his secret was to have ‘closed his beak’. He gave up regular Coke and fried food. Which is not good for diets so based on WW, you eat smaller portions and exercise a lot.

However he said: “I no longer eat as a pig like I ate before, because if I eat as a pig I will stay as a pigI love how I look now. Regardless of whether the tummy looks wrinkled, or the neck, I don’t live by the standards that everyone wants to look perfect, I love how I look, and I look for myself, and if tomorrow I gain weight again and want to have surgery, I’ll have surgery, and if one day I want to pick up the fish market because I decided I don’t want to leave the fish market or my neck loose, I’ll do it, I’m not ashamed to say it, I live under my standards“, assured.

They both talked about food, what they like and what they don’t and closed with a game where the Luis Fonsi theme came up but in a positive way.

El Mollusco invited her to make a game, where if she were the producer of a show and had to choose a singer and a presenter from another channel for her program, who would she take:

Slowly… To Luis Fonsi. And Daniel Sarcos as driver, because he is very complete“, the rest is left to the imagination of whoever is reading or watching her say it.

Let us remember that, almost a year after Adamari made the decision to separate from Toni, we have seen them sharing as a family. She changed her lifestyle and lost almost 50 pounds, he became a couple again and is dating Evelyn Beltrán and we saw them both on a weekend in Mexico celebrating together, as parents, Alaïa’s 7th birthday.



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Adamari López on her current life: “I’m not 50 years old to be putting up with shit ** from anyone”