After China Suárez’s message to Mauro Icardi, a chat between Wanda Nara and her bodyguard appeared

Wanda Nara’s chat with her bodyguard (Video: “In the afternoon”, America)

In December of last year, Wanda Nara Y Mauro Icardi they traveled to Argentina with their children to celebrate the holidays with their family. At that time, it was the first visit to the country since the scandal with Eugenia the China Suarez: months earlier, in October, the businesswoman had discovered that her husband met in a hotel in Paris with the Argentine actress in September, during a weekend when she and her sister Zaira had gone to Milan to attend a fashion event and their children had been left in the care of the footballer and his brother-in-law Jakob Von Plessen.

At that time, the couple went through two strong couple crises that they managed to overcome. And that’s why they sought to spend the holidays as a family, as a sign that they were all united again, and had left that episode behind. The first to arrive in Buenos Aires was Wanda, who did so accompanied by her children. Icardi joined later as he had stayed in Paris to play a game with PSG and took a flight once the club gave him a break.

Nara’s arrival was in the midst of great media coverage: all the press wanted her word, and she spoke while walking through the Ezeiza airport surrounded by bodyguards she had hired through a security company. “Now I’m going to go look for her at home”said at the time about the ex Almost angels.

Wanda Nara arrived in Argentina and targeted La China Suárez (Video:”LAM”, El Trece)

In addition to paying for the services of a private security company for her arrival in the country, Wanda also had bodyguards for the launch of her cosmetics store in the Abasto shopping mall. And among the men who ensured her safety, was Agustin Longueirawho became mediatic by telling on his social networks that after those tasks he was left without a job. Later it was learned that he had actually hired him on time for that opportunity and that he was not part of the company’s permanent staff.

The 31-year-old who was a grenadier and had also been a custodian of Cristina Fernández, was invited to some television programs in which, in addition, he denied any possible romance with Wanda. “Who wouldn’t fall in love with her?”, declared on some occasion. In the last few hours, and due to the appearance of the message that China Suárez sent to Mauro Icardithe bodyguard spread a chat that he exchanged with Wanda Nara through Instagram.

In the first thing you see in the capture they showed in in the afternoonfor America, is that the businesswoman reacted with a heart to a photo that Longueira had postedwho took the opportunity to tell him that the next day he would go on a television show to talk about losing his job. “Tomorrow they will ask me about you. I already have everything studied. Stay calm and thank you for everything”he told her at the time.

“haha what did you study?”asked Nara and added: “I can’t believe they invited you. They are tremendous.” “But I don’t even think, first there was you. I’m going to get something better for sure, ”said the custodian about his work plans. “When Fabián hired you I thought you worked for him. How bad at your job. He did not know”Wanda told him sympathizing with his situation.

No other excerpt from the talk they had was revealed, and if they ever spoke again. The truth is that after having worked for her on that occasion, the businesswoman returned to the country last week and once again hired a security company, but Agustín Longueira was not among her custodians.

Capture of the chat between Wanda Nara and Agustín Longueira ("in the afternoon"America)
Capture of the chat between Wanda Nara and Agustín Longueira (“In the afternoon”, America)


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After China Suárez’s message to Mauro Icardi, a chat between Wanda Nara and her bodyguard appeared