Aida Morales opened her heart, referred to the loss of her son and her commitment to children

Taken from Instagram @aidamoralesactriz

Aida Morales is one of the entertainment personalities most loved by Colombians. This woman from Tolima, who since the pandemic made the decision to move her place of residence to a rural area of ​​the department of Cundinamarca, has developed all kinds of social activities to promote culture and train locals in the art of acting.

In an interview with ‘Lo Sé Todo’, the actress told what the loss of her son meant for her and why she supports social work with foundations that want to fulfill the dreams of those infants who suffer from terminal illnesses or have a short life expectancy .

“Children move me a lot because I had to bury a son and I I firmly believe that mothers should not bury children, mothers should not go through that pain. But you have to face it many times and be able to give these children a dream, either because they manage to get through that hard moment they are going through or because they stay on the road, it is worth fulfilling a dream for them and their mothers, so that they feel that they have fulfilled with them too, “said the actress for the Channel 1 entertainment program.

Among the details he told about the loss of his son, he mentioned that it is impossible to forget and completely overcome a situation like that, that memory comes to mind and pain appears in the eyes. However, he stressed that you learn to live and realize the courage that mothers have in their hearts to overcome adversity.

“Mothers, just as we are capable of giving life, we are capable of surpassing that and a mother who overcomes a moment like that, of having to bury a child and live without going crazy, I think she is capable of doing anything”, He pointed out for ‘I Know Everything’.

And I add: “One manages to understand that these little angels come on a mission, that they fulfill a time on earth and in our company, but it is also something that one has to live for some reason.Whether it is to be a better human being, to grow, to ascend, for whatever you want, it depends on the belief of many. So, wherever they call me to have children, there I go head first, “concluded the actress.

On July 28, the actress spoke for the same entertainment program about the death of her mother, a pain that she had to face as one of her most difficult challenges. After the departure of her mother, Aida Morales dedicated a heartfelt message through her Instagram account and this is what she said to ‘Lo Sé Todo’ about how she lived this moment.

Taken from Instagram @aidamoralesactriz
Taken from Instagram @aidamoralesactriz

It was a surprise, I did not expect it because fortunately my mother took care of herself, she always had clarity in her mind, but she went and left with the peace that I wanted and all her children wanted her to leave, it is painful, but we bid her farewell with the deep love with which she raised us and left us. He waited until his children came to give him that last hug, that last kiss, to speak in his ear, he gave me the opportunity to kiss him from the big toe to his forehead, thanking him for everything and that’s what it’s worth“Were the words with which he described the moment he spent with his mother.

He stressed that, despite the pain, we must talk about the issue, recognize that it is a feeling that anyone can have: “My mother breathes me every day on the back of my neck, I keep her in mind, sometimes I think that I do not dream of her because she is still in this plane”.


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Aida Morales opened her heart, referred to the loss of her son and her commitment to children

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