Alejandra Espinoza made Pamela Silva cry: Why?

Alejandra Espinoza made Pamela Silva cry

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Pamela Silva cried with a message from Alejandra Espinoza

Alexandra Espinoza and Pamela Silva not only have in common being two of the most beloved Hispanic television hosts in the United States, but both boast of the wonder it has meant to them have been mothers.

And this time, when the Peruvian journalist enjoys the first years of her baby Ford, almost 2 years old, product of a relationship with the Canadian businessman Jordan Siberry, the reporter brought out her feelings for a shared post by the former Nuestra Belleza Latina.

Alexandra posted on his Instagram a publication in which he showed how fast his son Matteo has been growing in 7 years, and Pamela’s little heart was crushed to know that in the blink of an eye, her little son Ford will be just as big.

The Univisión presenter reacted with a crying emoticon, and after congratulating Alejandra’s son on his 7th birthday, she lamented that babies stop being babies very soon.

“😢 Why do they grow so fast??? 😩 Happy day to your baby!!”, commented Pamela with great emotion and sensitivity.

Other famous friends of Alejandra Espinoza also manifested themselves with beautiful messages.

“Happy Birthday! 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳👏👏”, said Clarissa Molina. “God bless you beautiful Mateo! Happy birthday 😍”, commented Francisca Lachapel. And Michelle Galván commented: “Happy birthday Mateo 😍 you are the answer to your parents’ prayers! We love you ❤️”.

Chiquis Rivera joined the long list of congratulations to Alejandra Espinoza’s son and commented: “My handsome boy 😍😍😍😍 Happy Birthday to the cutest boy.”

Dozens of her and Alejandra’s followers joined Pamela Silva’s cry for how quickly children grow up, who agreed that seeing children grow so quickly generates emotion.

Pamela Silva, after having kept the name of her baby’s father secret, just did it a few days ago, through People in Spanish.

When speaking of the Canadian, with whom she no longer has an affective relationship, but a parental one for the benefit of Ford, Pamela said she had kept silent for all this time out of respect for him.

“He is a private person, who is not in the media, who has never been and who does not want to be in the media, and I always wanted to respect that. I think it was important now because he is part of my son’s history, and my son has already become a public figure by my extension, “Silva commented in the aforementioned publication.

“We met many years ago and remained friends for many years and then we had Ford. He will always be a person that I will love very much. The love for the person who is the father of your child is always there in one way or another, and he is always going to be family”, added Pamela.

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1647353828 392 Alejandra Espinoza made Pamela Silva cry Why

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Alejandra Espinoza made Pamela Silva cry: Why?