Alejandro Speitzer and Shannon de Lima make their first public appearance as a couple

For some time, it was already rumored that the Mexican actor and the Venezuelan model they had an affair. They had been photographed going on romantic dates and being suspiciously affectionate with each other on social media. And the speculations were confirmed when they appeared in the together.

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He is a renowned Mexican actor who began his career at a very young age in the telenovela “Aventuras en el tiempo” along with figures such as Belinda and Christopher Uckermann. Since then, he has participated in various series such as “Under the reins of love”, “As the saying goes”, “The queen of the south” and “Dark desire”.

For her part, Shannon de Lima is a renowned model who became a finalist in the “Sambil Model Miss Earth Venezuela” contest. She has appeared in various music videos for artists such as Zion and Lennox, and her ex-husband Marc Anthony’s. She is the one who starred in the audiovisual piece of the theme “Flor pálida”.

Given the success of both, the public and the media were delighted when they made their first public appearance.


The event occurred during the “Platinum Awards 2022” that took place last Sunday in the city of Madrid. When they posed together in the “Hello” magazine room, all the cameras turned to them, as this was the way they confirmed their romance.

In addition, Alejandro Speitzer shared a series of photos through his Instagram account, in which he is seen with Shannon de Lima and some friends.


However, neither of them have wanted to speak directly on the subject. When the 27-year-old actor was asked about his alleged relationship, he declined to elaborate.

I understand people’s interest. I am happy, enjoying this stage of my life and that is what I can tell you. I’m not telling you anything personal, but in that sense everything is fine.”, answered the questions.

As the saying goes, “who is silent grants”, so it is already clear to all of us what kind of relationship they have, even if they do not want to comment on it concisely.

I think that when you want something you have to know how to take care of it and for me one way of taking care of my personal life is not giving more information than is necessary, because I think that is something very personal.”, he added for the program reporter “”.

And it is that perhaps they do not want to anticipate the situation, since both have just ended relationships. Alejandro Speitzer was dating Ester Expósito, the Spanish actress who has caused a sensation with her interpretation in “Elite”. Meanwhile, the 33-year-old model ended up with Colombian soccer player James Rodríguez.


Through social networks, a video went viral in which Alejandro and Shannon were caught together at the “Pa’l Norte” music festival, which took place in Nuevo León, Mexico.

His followers were disappointed in him as he repeatedly refused to take photos with them. This position was considered rude by the actor.

We met Alejandro Speitzer in Pa’l Norte and he made us ugly”, they wrote in the TikTok video.

Due to the secretiveness of the couple, details of how they met and how long they have been dating are not known so far. So for now, we are waiting for the love story.

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Alejandro Speitzer and Shannon de Lima make their first public appearance as a couple