Alex Rodríguez is teased about Jennifer López in full broadcast for Fox Sports

Alex Rodriguez lived a moment of discomfort last Monday in full transmission of the third game of the Championship Series where the Boston Red Sox faced the Houston Astros. The former professional baseball player, who served as a commentator for Fox Sports, received some teasing related to his ex-girlfriend, Jennifer Lopez.

Boston fans repeatedly yelled “JLo.”

In the same way, ARod was attacked with choruses such as “he left you for Ben affleck”Or just the actor’s last name. The 46-year-old athlete was unfazed and continued with his work.

Last September it was announced that “the diva from the Bronx” was evaluating ending the business she shared with Rodríguez, despite the fact that when they officially announced their separation in April 2021, they confirmed that they would continue with them. A source close to the actress assured that she planned to sell the shares to completely separate her paths.

“Jennifer has finished dealing with Alex. She is washing her hands of him romantically and also as a business partner. Your management team and attorneys will talk with your team to fix any loose ends. You will have to either sell your side of the business or buy it. She doesn’t care how everything is going, she just wants to be free from ties with him. She knows it’s fair to Ben, ”the source revealed at the time.

It was Rodríguez who motivated López to join various businesses and not just succeed as a music and acting celebrity. “It made me feel comfortable investing my own money in other companies and in myself,” she told Forbes in December 2020.

Affleck and López met and fell in love on the set of ‘Gigli’ and after their wedding plans, they canceled the union in 2003. Then JLo married Marc Anthony in June 2004 and in 2005, the Oscar winner did. with Jennifer Garner.

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Alex Rodríguez is teased about Jennifer López in full broadcast for Fox Sports