Alfredo Adame called Omar Chaparro a “dwarf with a complex” for making fun of his bicycle kicks

Alfredo Adame again attacked Omar Chaparro for making fun of him (Photos: Instagram @alfredoadamevonknoop/omarchaparro)
Alfredo Adame again attacked Omar Chaparro for making fun of him (Photos: Instagram @alfredoadamevonknoop/omarchaparro)

Alfredo Adame responded to the last comments omar chaparro made about the capabilities that the former political contender has to fight, mainly with his knowledge of Mixed Martial Arts and the bicycle kicks.

After Omar Chaparro mocked Alfredo Adame’s famous kicksas well as the phrases of his books, and questioned where he had gotten his black belt, the controversial actor again ranted against him, calling him “mediocre” Y “dwarf self-conscious”.

Adame, accompanied by his girlfriend Magaly Chávez, said before the cameras of come the joy that Omar’s criticism is because he is self-conscious and even mentioned not knowing him, well he only deals with successful comedians like Eugenio Derbez or Adal Ramones.

“I told him yes, he had bought the tapes at a market stall from his fucking mother. Show me your letters, credentials, which, the truth, I don’t know who it is. I deal with successful guys like Eugenio Derbez, like the Mascabroders or Adal Ramones; with this mediocre, unsuccessful, who is a self-conscious dwarfthose comments are only made by a self-conscious person”

Omar Chaparro used a phrase from Adame to respond to the controversy Credit (Video: Instagram/@vengalalaegriatva)

He also stressed that he did not know the protagonist of Don’t stain Frida for his achievements, because he would not have any recognition to support his career as an actor, according to Adame.

“What is Omar? Who is he? Is he a clown? Is he a comedian, comedian? Is he a postman, is he an actor? Sing dance? What does he do? he is a failurehe is a poor devil of the thousands that television suddenly lets in, without any talentwithout any nothing. Nobody recognizes anythingAlfredo lashed out.

Finally, he remembered that before this back-and-forth fight between them began, they had a good relationship, however, would have been affected by success. She added that he did not offend him, but “I sent him to ching * ar his mother.”

“I liked him, eh, but always behind a character, envy is in those. success poisons, then there is always a self-conscious midget like that. I’m also very cool until they fuck me, no, I don’t fuck it *, I did not offend him I didn’t insult him or anything I sent him to ching*ra his motherWhat is different”

Omar Chaparro mocks Alfredo Adame’s “bicycle kicks”

Since last March, the histriones have railed against each other, started by Chaparro, who mocked I know the way the ex-host of Today he has defended himself in all his fights with his famous bicycle kicks and also because he argues that he learned this technique in his bike classes. Mixed Martial Artswhere he would have gotten his black belt.

When Adame found out about these comments, he assured that his colleague spoke from envywhich is why Omar responded by saying yes, because I didn’t know how to do bicycle kicksbut that he could have the same attitude as Alfredo if they bothered him, hence he would have used one of the actor’s phrases, “I I’m very cool until they fuck me “

Also, the protagonist of Like fallen from the sky He had already commented that he would not like this controversy to continue to gain strength. However, on April 7, in the middle of his media tour to promote the film and how is he, in the program In the air recreated Adame’s bicycle kicksagain mocking his partner’s tactic.


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Alfredo Adame called Omar Chaparro a “dwarf with a complex” for making fun of his bicycle kicks