Alfredo Adame says he is in love with Myrka Dellanos: the table got very hot on Telemundo

Alfredo Adame he began to sweat and even red was seen when he admitted to Telemundo’s Hot Table who for many years was in love with Myrka Dellanos. He asserted that he still is, because she is a beautiful woman.

The famous actor and television host said that his crush on Myrka Dellanos comes from before he was famous in the world of entertainment. He said that he saw her when she worked at Primer Impacto and said: “Good morning, I’m Myrka Dellanos Loinaz, it was more sensual than I heard all day “.

Myrka turned red too and Alfredo Adame couldn’t stop sweating. It is noted that the actor still gets nervous just by talking to the host of La Mesa Caliente, a Telemundo program that is standing out in public opinion.

But Alfredo Adame’s gallantry went further because while on the air he paid a tremendous compliment to the hosts of the program, because he told them: “The first complaint I have is that they told me it was a TV show and not a box of chocolates.“. Myrka Dellanos and the rest of the drivers laughed with delight.

They say that Alfredo Adame has a girlfriend

According to Mezcaliente, Alfredo Adame finally confirmed his courtship with Magaly Chávez, former participant of the reality show “Falling in love” and who is 27 years younger than himWell, although the actor had been caught very caramelized with her weeks ago on the pages of a magazine, he said that they were just dating.

“Let them find a ‘sugar mommy’ like I did,” he says with humor. “We started to go out again and in secret, boyfriend kisses and the whole thing. There has been no sex so they don’t gossip. No, because I’m old-fashioned and so is she”.

“She was the first thing that made me understand, because she told me here nothing about ‘my crush’, ‘my life and my heaven’ and then no. Here, if you are going to get into it, you are going to get into it seriously and formally,’ and then I am a very formal man, so I left carefully, it’s been a month since they caught us and there was no other way”.

The driver was the godfather at the inauguration of Dr. Gamma’s “Perfect Smile” clinic, where he came out in defense of his girlfriend, explaining that she is not a “vampire”. “And well, they insisted on making her look like a ‘femme fatale’, a ‘vampiress’ and everything, but she’s a silly girl, she is a cool girl. I am going to change the image of her that they made of her in that program and in others as a ‘vampire’.

For her part, Magaly does not care that the Mexican is involved in so many controversies.

“I like his character, I like that he doesn’t leave people behind because I’m like that too, and if anyone offends us, we respond, but we are calm, everyone is calm.”

And although the couple says they want to take things easy, Magaly shares that they have already talked about the possibility of having children. “Yes we want, yes we want, of course! I don’t have babies, I don’t have children, so I would like to. Before I wanted four, now we are already talking about it and I think that with one or two, maximum”.

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Alfredo Adame says he is in love with Myrka Dellanos: the table got very hot on Telemundo