Andrés García says that the journalist Anabel Hernández “wants to advertise herself to sell her book”

After the journalist Anabel Hernandez will reveal that filed a complaint against Andrés García for threatsthe actor raises his voice to ensure that he is not worried about said criminal action against him, and everything will have to be verified.

During an interview for the program ‘First Hand’, the 80-year-old actor said he was sure that it was an unjustified complaint, because in reality nothing that the writer says about him is true.

You will have to check it, there is no other. Let him check it and then see if they proceed with the complaint because it seems incongruous that the Public Prosecutor’s Office listens to him or pays attention to a lady that I do not know, that I have never seen and that has written things against me, that are against my career of 60 years. I don’t know her and I don’t even know her full name, “she said.

What’s more, Andres Garcia He considers that the journalist is only using his image to advertise and sell his book.

“They will have to review it and remind me what I meant and what it was that bothered me so much. What she wants is publicity to sell her book, that is clear even to the Attorney General’s Office. things are as they are, they want to mess it up and offer publicity at my expense. There I can talk to my lawyer and file a lawsuit against the magazines or the publications that she makes, because what she is doing is very obvious, “he added annoyed.

It was during a press conference on February 3, where the journalist Anabel Hernández revealed that she initiated legal action against Andrés García for the crime of threats, this after her book, Emma and the other ladies of Narco, uncover the links that the actor would have had with various drug lords.

“I asked the Public Ministry that, in addition to the threats against me, the gender-based violence perpetrated by Mr. Andrés García be taken into account. Likewise, the Public Ministry, as a line of investigation, will take into account that he has publicly confessed to being a friend of drug traffickers, to frequenting them and having received them at his home, a crime that could be punished with imprisonment, “explained the Mexican journalist.

This complaint arises after Andrés García will send a message through his YouTube channelwhere he referred to her with adjectives such as “climber”, “speculator” and “starving”, among many others.

You are a climber, freeloader and liar. You are a cockroach that I don’t step on with the heel of my shoes because they get dirty. You prove to me Pend ** that I was with El Chapo, that if I had been, I have no reason to deny itI am a public figure, everyone approaches me and my job is to be nice to everyone, “he mentioned in the program published on January 8.

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Andrés García says that the journalist Anabel Hernández “wants to advertise herself to sell her book”