Ángela Aguilar assures that she became an adult very quickly

The famous singer mexican Angela Eagler has made known what the childhood of a young artist was like, as she assures that for this reason she had to become an adult faster than normal.

The singer recounted the number of activities that from the age of eight she had to undertake for her training as a singer.

Ángela Aguilar is one of the local singers in Mexico who, at the age of 18, has been able to present herself in the scenarios music from many parts of the American continent.

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His interpretation of Mexican classics such as “La Llorona” and collaborations with artists from various musical genres gave his career a good boost.

However, success on stage has a price that Ángela has had to pay during the previous years of preparation, in which she has had to make sacrifices of various kinds.

On the other hand, in a interview With the conduit Arturo Buenrostro of the YouTube channel Cheleando con las Estrellas, Ángela Aguilar spoke about some aspects of her professional career.

In addition to his relationship with the family and also how his childhood was very different from the rest of his contemporaries.

The interpreter considers that there are young artists who from a very young age were immersed in the art world and in its respective dynamics.

It is for this great reason that since childhood they were acting like adults and had to mature much faster.

I identify myself very much. From the age of eight I was an adult, ”she said between laughs.

The smallest of the Aguilars announced that her daily routine was full of school, artistic activities and also those aimed at her training as a singer.

I got up at six in the morning, then I went to school, to do some interviews, I had my singing classes, my flamenco classes and many times I went into the studio after that”, he says in an interview.

She also relates that from an early age she acquired a deep sense of responsibility, not only because of the training she received from her parents, but also because of the commitments she herself assumed regarding her incipient life as a singer.

I was very responsible, but at the age of eight I knew I had to do my interviews and go to the booths,” he explained.

On the other hand, Ángela remembers that she was still so small that her feet did not reach the ground, so she had to carry a cushion to accommodate it on the seats of the locations where her father was being interviewed.

I became an adult very quickly, I grew up like this!” declares the singer.

In this way, the singer-songwriter affirms that she understands why there are artists who seem very young, however, in their behavior they denote more maturity than their true age reflects.

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Ángela Aguilar assures that she became an adult very quickly