Ángela Aguilar flees the scandal and takes refuge in Paris with the love of her life

Ángela Aguilar flees the scandal and takes refuge in Paris with the love of her life. Although the “mexican in love” confirmed that she was very affected by what caused the circulation of some compromising photos next to Gussy LauFor now, he relies on the love of the most important people in his life: his family.

Have been difficult days for Angela AguilarWell, appearing with a man older than her and confirming that they are dating to meet and see if they decide to be a couple or not, was not something well received by their followers. It was also said that the composer had a girlfriend and that Ángela knew it, but they still continued dating.

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It was not until a short time later that he himself Luis Abraham Buelna Vea known as “Gussy Lau” cleared things up and Although he confirmed that he was dating the singer, he assured that he had no other relationship. The young man from Sinaloa has achieved success composing songs for Christian Nodal, Caliber 50, Pepe Aguilar and Ángela Aguilar, with whom, beyond the sentimental bond, he is working on a solo album with completely unreleased songs.

After sharing a personal statement, Angela Aguilar has taken a break from his tour, from social networks and this weekend his sister shared a series of postcards in the city of love, revealing that he was in Paris with his family.

The entire Aguilar family made this trip in honor of Aneliz Aguilarthe older sister of Ángela Aguilar who turned 21 old in days gone by. Like authentic princesses, the Aguilar sisters They walked through the most beloved streets of Paris and did not miss the visit to the Palace of Versailleswhich was the home of the great Marie Antoinette.

Although the parents of Angela Aguilar They have publicly remained on the sidelines about the situation, have stood by her side and supported her at this time where she is facing criticism. They broke the silence on the subject by appearing on networks to congratulate her eldest daughter and Gussy Lay confirmed that they have been aware of everything, so there is nothing wrong with her relationship with Angela.

Ángela Aguilar and the overwhelming response to her message

Although Ángela Aguilar clarified that she would not speak more about the subjectassured that she felt violated by the way in which something so personal was exposed and added that she did not think it fair that a career that cost her so much to forge would be affected by something like that.

The youngest daughter of Pepe Aguilar He indicated that he would be evaluating how to deal with what happened in the company of his family and it is known that Gussy Lay did not travel with the Aguilars to Paris. In addition, the singer’s followers have remained firm in admiring her and assure that she did not do something wrong, simply that she trusted the wrong people.

For Angela Aguilar It has been a small relief from the way his followers responded and it will be later when he resumes his professional activities, but as he has always done, leading his personal life discreetly.

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Ángela Aguilar flees the scandal and takes refuge in Paris with the love of her life