Angélica Rivera reappears, elegant but ironing for the love of her life

Angélica Rivera reappears, elegant but ironing for the love of her life, Well, he returns to the networks again for a very special reason. The famous “Seagull” has kept a low profile after her divorce from Enrique Peña Nieto and he only makes a few appearances, but this is a time to celebrate.

It was a few hours ago when one of his eldest daughters, Fernanda Castro, showed her in her most dedicated Instagram stories, ironing the white dress that she will wear this week at her graduation ceremony. The daughter of Angelica Rivera and the producer, Jose Alberto “El Guero” Castrohas concluded his studies in the degree of Musical Composition at the prestigious University of Berklee.

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Now what Angelica Rivera She has been away from public life for years, one of her most beloved but most reserved facets has come to light, that of a mother. The actress is the proud mother of Sofía Castro, Fernanda Castro and Regina Castrodaughters she shares with her ex-partner, Verónica Castro’s brother.

Angélica Rivera reappears, elegant but ironing for the love of her life.  Special

Angélica Rivera was seen as elegant and ironing.

It is in the holiday season where Angelica Rivera She has been seen as tender next to her daughters, living at home, walking the streets of Miami, showing off her best profile and more, but now, she is enormously proud to see one of her daughters fulfill one of her dreams.

Fernanda Castro has shown more than once that Angélica Rivera is a great momand today she is happy that she can accompany him in this very special moment for the whole family, as it reminds us that the young woman chose not to follow in the footsteps of her famous mother in entertainment, something that her older sister has done and that to her younger sister is also interested.

Angélica Rivera delays her return to television

After the rumor that it will be Aracely Arambula who stars in the new version of “La Madrastra”, the Angelica Rivera followers they lamented, as this would delay their return to television.

It had been said that Angelica Rivera She was the main contender for the leading role, it was also rumored that she was the main candidate to star in “If they leave us”, but finally the role was left to Mayrín Villanueva and there is still no specific project with which her return to television is marked. .

It was her former partner, José Alberto “El Güero” Castrowho revealed that Angelica Rivera she is ready to come back but that until now a project has not arrived that really catches her, but if so, he would be happy to support her.

For now, Angélica Rivera enjoys great moments with the love of her lifeher daughters and confirms that before anything else is her work as a mother, which makes her extremely proud.

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Angélica Rivera reappears, elegant but ironing for the love of her life