Armie Hammer gets off the star pedestal looking for life like any mortal

In the end it is true. Armie Hammer he finds himself rebuilding his life in the Cayman Islands working like any other mortal. Far from Hollywood, the spotlight and the success that he enjoyed until a couple of years ago. This has been confirmed Variety after the back and forth of rumors experienced in recent days, and through a source that ensures that the actor is working as a timeshare salesman in a hotel.

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - JANUARY 14: Armie Hammer attends the premiere of

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA – JANUARY 14: Armie Hammer attends Columbia Pictures’ ‘Bad Boys For Life’ Premiere at TCL Chinese Theater on January 14, 2020 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images)

Rumors began circulating last week following a flyer posted on social media by Mune Mire, the Showtime show’s producer. Desus & Mero, after some friends of his parents vacationed in the islands. The Morritt’s Hotel services were promoted on the piece of paper along with a photograph of the actor and a phrase that read “I am your personal concierge and I am here to help you get the best for your vacation”. However, a hotel employee immediately denied the information, assuring that it was a joke. He said that Hammer was actually a guest and they pulled the prank after playing a round of golf. The employee also assured Variety, that they sent the brochure to different rooms as part of a joke without expecting it to reach the media of the world.

Nevertheless, Some photos taken by TMZ days later they proved otherwise. It is a series of images that show Armie Hammer sitting at a desk and dressed in the uniform of the resort. And while another worker said the actor just hangs out on the spot from time to time, contrary and seemingly definitive information has now surfaced.

The new source who works at the same hotel assured Variety that Hammer is working there and that the previous statements were part of an attempt by the resort to protect him. He’s working at the hotel and selling timeshares. Work in a cubicle explained the aforementioned anonymous source. The reality is that he is totally broke and trying to fill his days and earn money to support his family.”

The brochure that circulated on Twitter and the media

The brochure that circulated on Twitter and the media

According to the same source, it is not Armie Hammer’s first mundane job. Before selling timeshares, he was reportedly running an apartment complex on the island where his ex-wife Elizabeth Chambers and her two children live. And as much as he is one of the descendants of the oil tycoon Armand Hammer, the same source adds that does not receive financial help from his family and needs “a normal, respectable job to earn money.”

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And it is that the life of the actor of The social network Y Call me by your name turned upside down at the start of the pandemic when the ‘House of Effie’ Instagram account uncovered testimonies from women who claimed to have been victims of rape, abuse and emotional manipulation, as well as messages allegedly written by Hammer with cannibalistic, sexual domination and sadomasochistic comments . Several women came to light sharing their stories in the media and one of them even officially accused him of rape, leading to an investigation that the Los Angeles police concluded in December 2021.

It also didn’t help that the networks discovered a private account of Instagram where he criticized his ex-wife, bragged about using drugs before undergoing a test to see his children and boasted of sexual conquests, as he did by showing the image of a woman in lingerie waiting for him in bed. In that same video he referred to the woman as ‘Miss Cayman’. However, the person in the photo was not the winning model of the beauty pageant and Hammer had to apologize publicly with her and the organization of the contest excusing it as “humorous attempt.

However, despite denying the accusations and no official charges against him, the agency that represented him resigned and Hollywood fled at the speed of light. In other words, all the projects that he had in progress pushed him aside. One after another. Since Shotgun Wedding with Jennifer Lopez, to the Broadway play The Minutes or the Paramount series, The Offer. In turn, before the scandal, the filming of Death on the Nile where although he had a leading role with Gal Gadot, the Disney studios managed to design a campaign promotion staying away from his figure and the controversy that persecutes him.

In short, Armie Hammer would be rebuilding his life with an office job, serving the public and depending on a monthly salary like any mortal. Far would have been seven-figure salaries or getting to work stepping on the red carpet.

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Armie Hammer gets off the star pedestal looking for life like any mortal