“As long as he stays sober, she’ll be happy,” Ben Affleck’s ex warned Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Garner She is one of the most beloved actresses in Hollywood and on television. Last Sunday she turned 50 years old and we cannot fail to recognize her work, but neither her past relationship with Ben AffleckWell, three children were born from this bond that will unite them forever, even if the actor marries Jennifer Lopez.

On the occasion of her arrival in the fifth decade of life, the protagonist of ‘If I Had 30’ shared on her Instagram account quite peculiar content with which she praised the blessing of being the mother of Ben’s three children, Violet Anne Affleck , Seraphina Rose Elisabeth Affleck Garner and Samuel Garner Affleck. Jennifer Garner has nothing to envy Jennifer Lopez And he made it clear with his post.

The recently turned 50-year-old actress confirmed in her networks that she feels grateful to life for the simple fact of being able to enjoy good health, a great sense of humor, wisdom, patience, comfort, intelligence and tenderness next to her children. . But other means, Jennifer Garner has used them to warn her namesake, Jennifer Lopez, before she marries her ex-husbandBen Affleck.

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It was during a recent interview with Ellen DeGeneres, a close friend of hers, that Garner shared her feelings on becoming a 50-year-old woman; she stated that she feels like a empowered woman and that suddenly a very strong certainty of what he has and what he knows entered into him. Like the lady that she is, she focuses on talking about herself with the press.

But in more intimate contexts, Jennifer is said to have been encouraged to talk about her ex-husband’s upcoming wedding to J.Lo. According to a source close to the Elektra actress, she is certain that everything in marriage ‘Bennifer’ can be happiness, only as long as Ben Affleck stays sober.

There are also rumors that Jennifer Garner could be invited to the wedding of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, but that she would not be willing to cross that limit, although somehow she feels happy for the couple who resumed their relationship from years ago and who seem to be full and happy.

Jennifer Garner identifies that J.Lo may be a good influence on Ben

Another source close to Garner has claimed that, as the ex-wife of Ben Affleck, she has managed to observe that Jennifer Lopez It has been a positive influence in some ways for him. Only time will tell how this peculiar relationship flows between two women with the same name and a man who rediscovered love in one of them.

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In the meantime, the Diva from the Bronx and the Batman actor seem more impatient than before to share their lives. Sources close to J.Lo say that she is really excited, because she feels that this is her true love and that it was meant to be.

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“As long as he stays sober, she’ll be happy,” Ben Affleck’s ex warned Jennifer Lopez