Belinda, Christian Nodal and the price of fame: seeing your pain turned into entertainment

Belinda with Christian Nodal / Agencia México

Belinda with Christian Nodal / Mexico Agency

It doesn’t matter if they are Belinda and Nodal —which are the story of the week, and if anything, of the month—, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (or, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, or in other times Lucero and Mijares, Rihanna and Chris Brown, Kanye and Kim or any other celebrity couple famous enough to transcend borders when they live their romance, are subject to scrutiny and -in most cases- the approval of their fans… until they they come to an end and then the real viacrucis begins, because their pain (and there is no way that a sentimental breakup is not traumatic) becomes a circus show.

The case of the Nodeli (that mononym that their fans gave to the couple) is the most recent to end, after a drunken passion and being an overexposed topic —in a year and a half there was not a week in which we did not write about of this pair—with a statement (in this case, an Instagram story, which came to replace the old press releases that were sent at the time when Elizabeth Taylor changed husbands like shoes), which seems to be the final point …but it’s really just the beginning of a new horror.

It is here that I think (and you will forgive me if I get personal) that it must be frightening to ask for respect for your privacy in light of your curtain, and knowing that of course you are doing it in vain because the media are going to get on top of you, the social networks will immediately become judge and party and, for days, weeks, months or—as is the case with Julián Gil and Marjorie de Sousa—years. Your life (or at least a substantial part of it) will be muddy everywhere, oozing with speculation, backbiting, slander, sarcasm and even memes.

All this while suffering. And a lot.

Since the massive concept of celebrity exists (something that was born in the early years of the 20th century), when someone from celebrity or high society is paired with another person of the same plumage or related, it becomes an event, that is a done. But you always have to be prepared for the massacre that comes after the shipwreck of passion: screams, arguments, lawsuits, custody fights, nervous breakdowns and (as in the case of Nicole Kidman when Tom Cruise notified her that he was leaving her, in December 2000) to miscarriages or worse.

The fact that celebrities lead luxurious lives and earn significant sums doesn’t really differentiate them all that much from everyone else; for the same reason, the rupture process is still painful. Jennifer Aniston’s suffering in 2005 when Brad Pitt ended his marriage to start a relationship with Angelina Jolie (something that had really started months before the announcement during the filming of a movie) was reflected everywhere and he got the media nickname of Poor Jen for years, until she herself took matters into her own hands (so much so that her breakup with Justin Theroux was infinitely more serene), and she herself recalled in a very famous interview that it was terrifying to see her pain turned into morbidity everywhere.

In the case of Belinda and Nodal, the fray is just beginning. There are already allegations and innuendos about financial and breach of trust issues; this is something recurrent in the singer’s relationshipsand I certainly don’t think it will reach the level of cordiality that other couples have reached after their separation, the clearest example being Lucero and Mijares, who not only raised their children well, but have even formed a tour together .

Civility, above all, is paramount in these cases and maintaining a closed and strong front; speculation, rumors and gossip are de rigueur in this business and it is very sad to have to see how anyone, no matter how much fortune smiles professionally (as is the case with Nodal), is subjected to public humiliation at the worst time.


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Belinda, Christian Nodal and the price of fame: seeing your pain turned into entertainment