Belinda reappears and slaps Nodal with a white glove, “love and respect for others” says

Belinda reappears and slaps Nodal with a white glove, “love and respect for others” he says. Even though Christian Nodal He assured that if they continued to look for him, Belinda would be the most affected, the singer of “Light without gravity” and “Selfish“He stressed that there was no point in talking about it, that his priorities are different and that he is beginning a new stage in his life where he will focus on being well both spiritually and professionally.

It’s only been a couple of days since Christian Nodal confirmed that their love relationship of almost three years and their engagement had come to an end. The singer of “bottle after bottle” He did not go into details but minutes later he changed his statement clarifying that all the rumors about the reasons for the breakup were false and later, he surprised fans with strong statements. Belinda.

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Nodal assured that he had been greatly disappointed and revealed that the breakup was not something recent, but that he had waited until now to make it public out of respect for Belinda. The singer was very affected by the loss of her maternal grandmother, who in these days turned a year after her death.

Even though Belinda He had stayed away from social networks and only shared messages where it was seen how he was remembering his beloved grandmother, today he broke the silence about the breakup with a message that created new questions.

The statements of Belinda they occur after the rumor arose that Christian Nodal He returned with his ex-girlfriend, María Fernanda and that the singer had been unfaithful to him, in addition to having problems with alcohol. Although some Nodal followers assured that this news was false and was to clean Belinda’s image, it seems that the interpreter of “silly nice girl” prefers to leave things alone and focus on other areas of his life.

Belinda wipes her tears and assures that the show must go on

In the statement, Belinda She mentioned that she did not usually talk about her relationships, that the breakup hurt her a lot, but that now she would focus on her professional projects and her well-being in every way.

The Serie “welcome to eden” will mark the debut of Belinda and Netflix and although the first images are already circulating, it will be in April of this year when we will be able to know the background story and the character that Belinda interpret.

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As well as Christian Nodal Could you give details of your relationship with Belinda in his next songs, Beli I could answer with the same coin. The singer and actress has also dabbled in fashion with a collaboration with Shein and has several contracts with various renowned brands as an ambassador.

Even though Belinda has been the target of several criticisms and more after having evaded the press during her most recent visit to the Mexico City airport, her statement makes it clear that the critics do not care and that for her the chapter of her life called Christian Nodal is closed.

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Belinda reappears and slaps Nodal with a white glove, “love and respect for others” says