“Belinda’s cousin would give in to her charms”: New investigations uncover her

doBelinda is it a “monster”? After his breakup with Christian Nodal, details of his past have taken on strong relevance, now a series of alleged investigations into the “Latin Pop Princess“They show an alleged” love affair with his cousin,” says a well-known YouTube channel.

The singer Spanish, Belindahas consolidated a career with a 22-year career in the middle, although it has been accompanied by some scandals, particularly for her sentimental life, like many stars, the 32-year-old is not exempt from having very controversial moments in her life.

In the midst of the search for the reasons for the breakup of their courtship and commitment, new investigations place the past of Belindascandalous revelations that would clearly have a strong impact on the image of the “naturalized mexican“.

To this day, almost everyone knows the details of the amorous past of the mexican artist of Spanish origin, which have generated controversy when it comes to starting or ending some of his romantic relationships.

The drivers of a well-known YouTube channel have given themselves the task of getting to the bottom of the life of the ” Toad’s interpreter” and take out very dark “rags in the sun” by assuring that he would have a “more than loving relationship with his cousin brother”.


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Belinda, they uncover a rough relationship with her cousin, they say. Photo: Capture Instagram

We have the power to confirm that Belinda slept s3xu@lm3nt3 with her first cousin, Jorge Peregrín, assured the journalist Javier Ceriani, on the program Gossip No Like.

According to the presenter of the YouTube channel, the “child star” herself, who will debut in titles such as “Friends forever“(2000),” Adventures in time “(2001)” Accomplices to the rescue “(2002) promoted, “pathetically” her cousin with whom she herself held “r3l@c!ones !nt1mas”, detailed the presenters.

In one of the captures that they show of alleged publications of the “originally from Madrid” they prove the fact that the famous one showed it to her followers “What do you think of my cousin Peregrín?” reads in the legend presumably written by Belinda Peregrín Schüll.

The driver of Argentine origin added the origins of the young man, who being a cousin of the “former judge of The Voice“, resides in Spain, son of the father’s brother of the “Spanish“, he reported.

The relationship between the two families is completely distant, the presenter assured, this by revealing that the actions of Belinda Peregrín’s father would distance him from his brother with whom there has been a “hate” for 15 years, he stressed.

Ceriani did not hesitate to uncover the problems that the father of the “model” from major fashion editorial magazines,

The father of the interpreter of “The girl from the school” is “about to lose a lawsuit for fraud and false virtual offices,” said the communicator in a recent live broadcast this Friday, February 18.

This boy in Spain slept with his cousin. Do you know what they called this Spaniard? She had him written down on the cell phone as “C0k3” (“like coca cola”), and who would also be scammed by the artist, she said, Elisa Beristain.

According to the presenter, the “businesswoman” Who owns a skin care line, would implement the same “modus operandi” with which he has been able to obtain money from other of his ex-partners, he said.

The revelations broadcast in said program did not end there, since they also described some text messages that both cousins ​​supposedly exchanged, this, among other details, very strong statements that would annihilate the image of one of the greatest exponents of pop in Mexico.

The criticism, comments and opinions were varied before these revelations that many described as destructive for the famous public figure, we hope that the “ex-fiancée of Christian Nodal“can reply to this type of statement that is definitely credible or does not tarnish his image.

It was a few days ago that Belinda Peregrín Schüll herself reacted to the controversy over her love break with the “Mexican regional”, sending love and respect amid strong accusations.

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“Belinda’s cousin would give in to her charms”: New investigations uncover her