“Bonita”, the dog that follows Ozge Ozpirincci everywhere

, internationally recognized for playing Bahar in “Woman”, is one of the most important Turkish actresses of the moment. The success of “Kadın” has marked a before and after in her professional life, turning her into a celebrity with thousands of followers all over the world.

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The public and critics love her, and after starring in “Woman” they do not stop raining job offers. Definitely, He has won the affection of the public and that translates into the hundreds of thousands of followers he has on social networks, where he shares his private life and professional projects.

The actress, who is about to become a mother for the first time, has shown her love for animals. he has a dog that he calls “Bonita”, who is his faithful companion. Here more details about your pet.

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Özge Özpirinçci adopted his dog named “Bonita” (Photo: Ozge Ozpirincci / Instagram)


is characterized by being a person who loves animals. Through her social networks, the Turkish actress has shown that she likes to support noble causes in favor of these little beings and has shown her rejection of animal abuse.

At every opportunity, the protagonist of “Woman” shows her affection for pets and her thoughts on the enactment of the animal rights law.

On her Instagram account, where she is usually very active, she is seen with a black puppy. It is about his dog called “Bonita”, whom he adopted some time ago. Özge Özpirinçci loves her pet very much and constantly shares photos with her.

Özge Özpirinçci has a dog that he calls “Bonita”, who is his faithful companion (Photo: Ozge Ozpirincci / Instagram)
Özge Özpirinçci has a dog that he calls “Bonita”, who is his faithful companion (Photo: Ozge Ozpirincci / Instagram)

In several publications, the 35-year-old actress has shown how well she has a good time with her dog and that she is her faithful companion. “Bonita” does not leave Özge Özpirinçci alone and accompanies her everywhere: when she goes on a trip, in a meeting with friends or when they go out for a walk.

“No more Monday syndrome, there is Bonita,” wrote Özge Özpirinçci in an Instagram story where a photograph of his dog is seen. There are many other examples that show that your pet is an important part of your life.

Özge Özpirinçci does not separate from his dog “Bonita”. Even her pet accompanies her to her medical check-ups since the actress is close to giving birth to a girl, who will probably be born in December.

In a publication we see that the remembered Bahar, who went to the medical control for an ultrasound, is with her dog in the office while the doctor makes the respective review. The publication made all his followers laugh.

Without a doubt, “Bonita” is very important to Özge Özpirinçci. His faithful companion is always by his side and is one of the conceited ones in his family. Next, we show you more images of her dog.

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“Bonita”, the dog that follows Ozge Ozpirincci everywhere