Carolina Cruz affirms that the Virgin appeared to her in her house: “Both experiences have been very strong”

Photo: Instagram @carolinacruzosorio
Photo: Instagram @carolinacruzosorio

In recent months, Carolina Cruz has moved a good part of her followers due to the anecdotes centered on her and the process of raising Matías and Salvador; in fact, about the latter she has reported even the smallest detail of his health, since the little one was born with a gestational torticollis.

Both on Instagram and in ‘Día a día’, a program that she presents, she has revealed details of the growth of her offspring, especially Salvador Palomeque; however, the Valle del Cauca He confessed details that very few knew and that could surprise more than one given his roots in faith.

In dialogue with Aló magazine, the presenter confessed that she had two divine experiences that marked her way of seeing life and that strengthened, incidentally, her religious convictions. It can be said that During the recovery of little Salvador, Cruz needed a refuge where he could free himself from the emotional burden generated during the rehabilitation of her baby, and it was there when she began to pray and welcome God.

The first revelation he had was from the Virginand although she did not mention which of the different representations of María it is, the Valle del Cauca did detail that this event occurred in the dressing room of her house, a place that is intimate and even sacred for her, since it is there where she discharges her negative emotions.

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In that place, she perceived an aroma that she assumed to be a divine presence: “The event with the fragrance of roses occurred in my dressing room, a place of relief for me. I have never liked my children to perceive my pain, They are both highly sensitive. So whenever I felt the need I locked myself in that place to cry”, Cruz said in dialogue with the aforementioned media, also adding that he prays there for long periods.

In a second episode, he narrated that he did not perceive an odor but noticed frost scattered all over the floor of that space. About this, the also influential she said that both this and the previous event came at key moments in her life, because she was in a situation of anxiety especially for Salvador’s health. On the way, He indicated that thanks to these demonstrations his faith was strengthened.

“I adore the Virgin and I think I have never felt so identified with her as now with Salvador. I’m sure it’s because of that connection I’ve built with her, which has been introduced to me twice already.”explained Carolina Cruz, who interpreted these signs to mean that both the Virgin and God will be with her at all times in her life, especially the most difficult ones.

On the other hand, she confessed to that magazine that she continues to pray intensely despite the fact that Salvador is already in better health, a fact that she has also revealed both on Instagram and in “Day by day”. “Although he is better now, I continue to talk to God every day and offer him everything I do. The birth of Salvador was something that made me feel close to God and the Virgin, and today I feel them closer than ever”.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that during this weekend the little boy celebrated his first year, for which his mother threw him a party with all the luxuries and in which some of his friends were invited, such as Carolina Soto and Yaneth Waldman. In addition, he took the opportunity to share an extensive message dedicated to his offspring on Instagram.

Through an extensive message, Carolina Cruz celebrated Salvador's first birthday PHOTO: Instagram (carolinacruzosorio)
Through an extensive message, Carolina Cruz celebrated Salvador’s first birthday PHOTO: Instagram (carolinacruzosorio)


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Carolina Cruz affirms that the Virgin appeared to her in her house: “Both experiences have been very strong”