Carolina Gómez reveals what caused her health relapse in MasterChef Celebrity

Last Sunday, April 3, she was fired from the reality show MasterChef Celebrity the Colombian actress and former queen Carolina Gómez, who won the affection, not only of her fellow chefs, but of the viewers, with his charisma and kindness in the middle of the RCN channel contest.

That day, in the midst of the elimination challenge, he had to stop for a moment because he suffered from a health problem, although he was finally able to recover and present his dish to the jurors, Nicolás de Zubiría, Jorge Rausch and Chris Carpentier.

However, the juries, who are increasingly demanding with the participants, they considered that among the participants who were on the ‘tightrope’ Carolina Gómez’s dish was the one that least convinced them.

In the program good morning colombia of RCN, Carolina Gómez revealed why he had some health problems in the midst of Master Chef Celebrity.

According to the actress and former queen, she has been a vegetarian for more than 18 years because she was medically prohibited from eating meat, but at reality show kitchen had to eat this type of food to know how was what he prepared.

Taking into account the above, Gómez told in the aforementioned program that his colon began to suffer problems, to such an extent that he had to be absent from the program for four days, while he recovered a little.

However, On the day of the elimination challenge, he again presented problems in his health.

“Being tasting meat all this time, all these months, well, it did its thing in my colon. […] I have irritable bowel syndrome then between dairy and meat wreaked havoc on the stomach. I lasted four days lying down because they gave me disability; I was very bad”, Carolina Gómez narrated in Good morning Colombia.

The farewell of Carolina Gómez from MasterChef Celebrity

Announced the departure of the former queen, participants such as Manuela González and Aída Morales burst into tears at their departure.

In the middle of his farewell Master Chef Celebritythe actress appreciated the opportunity to have been in the reality show kitchen and highlighted his bond of friendship with the presenter Claudia Bahamón, who also cried for that recognition.

“For me, it’s always very difficult when I know someone like Caro from long ago, to have her in the kitchen, draw a line and make a professional distance,” Bahamón said with a broken voice.

Meanwhile, the jury Jorge Rausch told Carolina Gómez: “Sometimes the person who is eliminated leaves because of a big mistake they make, that was not your case. There were several little things that added up (…) To start with, your dish was much simpler, you had less effort and dedication than the others”.

Almost fell during an elimination challenge

On March 23 there was a moment of tension in the reality showafter the actress almost fell in the middle of an elimination challenge with her plate, which would have led to her disqualification at the time of the cooking contest.

That day, the participants had 60 minutes to prepare a dish that had milk cream as its main ingredient and thus avoid being the next eliminated from the program.

At the time of presenting the dish, the actress Carolina Gómez suffered a slight stumble and she and her preparation almost fell.

The actress was very anxious throughout the preparation of her dish, which was a yucca cream. At the moment of being called to the lectern to receiving her grade from the jury, she stumbled and was helped by her peers.

In the midst of fright, he had to take a few minutes to catch his breath since, from the same stumble, she shed some tears of nervousness, seeing herself almost on the ground.

“My eyes watered a little and I sweated, I sweated all over,” the actress eliminated this Sunday from Master Chef Celebrity.

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Carolina Gómez reveals what caused her health relapse in MasterChef Celebrity