Princess Mako and commoner Kei: a tumultuous wedding in Japan’s imperial family

Princess Mako and commoner Kei a tumultuous wedding in Japans

Princess Mako of Japan will say yes I love to her former college classmate Kei Komuro next Tuesday, four years after the announcement of a dream wedding turned into scandal that peppered the image of the imperial family with a financial feud. The couple met again on Monday for the first time in more than … Read more

“You’re going to be worth m #% &”: The “Cuban” did not hesitate to attack her “countrywoman”

Youre going to be worth m The Cuban

Livia Brito insulted by Niurka? After attitude with the press | Instagram Livia brito has received a “scratch” from Niurka who recently thought about the past scandal that the actress of La Desalmada starred on the beaches of Quintana Roo against a paparazzi last 2020. The “TV actress” Livia brito, It would generate discontent for … Read more

Sara Carbonero’s buccaneers ideal for styling your legs

Sara Carboneros buccaneers ideal for styling your legs

The journalist and influencer Sara carbonero know the best tricks to lengthen and stylize legs. Not only does it consist of adding heels to all the outfits, but much beyond that it is about combining the garments in the right proportions and creating the desired visual effect with details. It so happens that not everyone … Read more

Discover Rose, the ‘influencer’ who causes a sensation due to her great resemblance to Lady Di

Princess Diana continues to be today, more than two decades after her passing, a style reference for fashionistas from all over the world. Since then, it has been an inspiration in series, such as the last seasons of The Crown, and different movies, like Spencer, the biopic about her life starring Kristen Stewart. However and … Read more

Beloved Mexican television actress lost everything to Alzheimer’s

Beloved Mexican television actress lost everything to Alzheimers

The best moment in the acting life of Leonorilda Ochoa came when in 1965 he played Freckles, one of the protagonists of the Beverly de Peralvillo, one of the most mythical series that Mexican television has given. She was not part of the cinema of the golden age of Mexican cinema, but she was a … Read more

Karla Panini attacked Karla Luna’s family: “Parasites and livers”

Karla Panini attacked Karla Lunas family Parasites and livers

Comedian Karla Panini attacked Karla Luna’s family Photo: Facebook / I am Karla Panini The comedian Karla Panini lashed out at Karla Luna’s family, who was her co-worker and best friend on and off the screen, after the latter’s sister assured that Panini did witchcraft to Luna to worsen her health. In addition, Karla announced … Read more

Why Owen Wilson Doesn’t Want To Meet His Three-Year-Old Daughter Lyla

1635089079 Why Owen Wilson Doesnt Want To Meet His Three Year Old Daughter

Owen Wilson and a new controversy for not wanting to meet his three-year-old daughter Owen wilson he was immersed in a strong controversy and not because of his work but because of his private life. Your ex-partner, Varunie Vongsvirates, gave an interview and ignited the controversy. According to the woman, the actor does not want … Read more

SHOWED HIS MEATS! Chiquis opens her raincoat shamelessly to show off the body ‘that God gave her’ but causes mockery (VIDEO)

SHOWED HIS MEATS Chiquis opens her raincoat shamelessly to show

Without shame, Chiquis Rivera shows off her legs in transparent stockings Comments are divided between social networks Chiquis Rivera assures that he would like to return to the year in which his mother passed away Without fear of success? The singer and daughter of Jenni Rivera, Chiquis Rivera continues to give something to talk about … Read more

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their children on autumn holidays following the entry of Elizabeth II

In the middle of the first term, schoolchildren in the UK have a few days of autumn holidays during which Princess Leonor has returned to Spain to preside over the awards that bear his name. Others royals like the sons of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, who study at Thomas’s Battersea School and Willcock’s … Read more

Bill Gates as ‘Guille Puertas’ and other famous names translated

Bill Gates as Guille Puertas and other famous names translated

The world of showbiz brings together hundreds of people who excel in music, art, television, social media, and more. Many of them acquired a stage name to better identify with their followers or fans. Have you ever imagined how ‘Spanishized’ Tom Cruise, Natalie Portman, Stevie Wonder, Steve Jobs or Tina Turner would sound like? That … Read more