Celebrities recover the ‘no to war’ for Ukraine 19 years after Iraq

Russia launched a swift offensive against Ukraine on Thursday, unleashing a war with unforeseeable consequences on European territory. Obviously, the world looks at Eastern Europe with concern and many personalities and VIPs could not be less.

The reactions among the famous are numerous and varied, although it is also true that most of them have limited themselves to posting on social networks calling for an end to the conflict. Exactly: the famous motto of the Not to the warwhich became popular with the US invasion of Iraq in 2003 -and which Spain supported-, has returned stronger than ever.

But there are those who have taken a step further and have begun to mobilize in the street. On Thursday afternoon we saw Javier Bardem himself at the demonstrations at the Russian embassy in Spain.


Javier Bardem approached the Russian embassy last Thursday to protest against the military incursion

Juan Carlos Rojas / Collaborators

It goes without saying: the actor is known for his political commitment and for his pacifist activism. Precisely that 2003, when the war in Iraq broke out, he already expressed himself in a very forceful way under that slogan.

Other personalities have gone a step further and have decided to go to Ukraine with the intention of making the conflict even more visible. It is the case of Sean Penn. The American actor had already declared that in the event of a confrontation he would travel to Ukraine to record a documentary and “tell the truth” about what is happening.


Sean Penn was meeting with the office of the Ukrainian Presidency


Far from what it may seem, this was not an impulsive act by Sean Penn, he had been preparing something like this for months. In November he was already in the European country working closely with the office of the Presidency to explain the tension that existed at that time.

Last Thursday when Penn arrived, the same office published a statement on Facebook explaining the presence of the actor and director. “Today, Sean Penn is among those who support Ukraine in Ukraine. Our country thanks you for such a show of courage and honesty,” they said.

Iraq War in 2003

Memories of “no to war”

Some people have begun to compare this type of celebrity involvement with the famous “no to war” of 2003, where part of society and very visible faces took a stand against the war in Iraq.


Professionals from different sectors took to the streets to protest in 2003


In those years there were no social networks, the big difference is that Spain was about to enter the conflict actively and they opposed this particular movement.

There were demonstrations around the world against the war in Iraq, but in Spain they were especially significant. In total, more than 55 mobilizations were called throughout the territory and, although the estimates are not clear, between eleven and eight million people could have been mobilized.

Many celebrities were among them. Pedro Almodóvar was one of the people who was most involved at that time. The director, together with the actors Fernando Fernán Gómez and Leonor Watling, read the manifesto of the protest that was radically against Aznar’s decision to take sides in the war.

Rosa María Sardá launched the

Rosa María Sardá launched the “no to war” at the Goya gala in 2003


The world of culture was especially involved and the Goya gala that year is remembered as the “no to war” gala. Many personalities from the world of cinema went with messages calling for the end of the conflict.

Numerous professionals who were awarded or had a moment to speak in public prepared speeches in the same vein, something that attracted a lot of attention. Bardem was one of them.

Javier Bardem won the Goya for best actor and his speech was for peace in Iraq

Javier Bardem won the Goya for best actor and his speech was for peace in Iraq


In the case of the Russian offensive against Ukraine, the positions of the famous have been limited, for the most part, to the digital world. Something that has also been seen as extraordinary because some who do not usually do so have positioned themselves.

Concern in the US

hollywood turns upside down

In the United States, the war is being experienced in a particularly intense way because there are those who are afraid that this will affect them in some way. For this reason, personalities from the world of Hollywood have manifested themselves in networks.

The singer Cher has been especially forceful and one of the first. Not only has she lashed out at Putin, but she has taken the opportunity to say that Trump would do the same if she could.

“I send love and prayers to all the innocent people in Ukraine, Russia and Europe who are caught up in this sad and corrosive moment of asymmetric violence and destruction, especially the young. You have done nothing to deserve this perversion and obscene spectacle,” said Mark Ruffalo.

Cardi B, Katheryn Winnick, Jamie Lee Curtis, Stephen Colbert, Stephen King or John Cena are some of those who have released pacifist messages on their networks in recent hours.

Returns the “no to war”

The famous Spaniards ask for peace

In Spain, different personalities from the world of culture and social networks have also spoken. most of influencers they have shared images asking for peace or have distributed news from the country’s big media about the conflict.

Some celebrities like Ana Obregón have been seen a little more angry. The presenter called the president of Russia a “murderer” in an Instagram post.

The director Santiago Segura and the chef Pepe Rodríguez took their time to write extensive reflections on the conflict on their social networks and made a plea for peace.

Chenoa, Sara Sálamo, Paula Echevarría, Bibiana Fernández, Lolita, Toñi Moreno, Pablo Carbonell, Alba Carrillo or Kiko Rivera have been some of those who have publicly called for a “no to war”.

This has been one of the most shared images by celebrities and anonymous people on social networks

This has been one of the most shared images by celebrities and anonymous people on social networks


However, for the moment, everyone has limited themselves to expressing themselves through social networks. Some movements are already starting to call demonstrations for the next few days and it is possible that some very familiar faces will attend them.

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Celebrities recover the ‘no to war’ for Ukraine 19 years after Iraq