Celebrities who said “the last goodbye” to their car like Eduin Caz

Like Eduin Caz, other celebrities have had to say goodbye to their luxurious vehicle for various reasons, the news of which became viral on social networks at the time. We show you…

Eduin Cazleader and singer of Firm Groupcontinues to accumulate successes in his musical career in addition to positioning himself in the first places of digital platforms, shining in talent and originality that the public applauds well in each presentation.

After the musical novelties that become a trend, he has managed to acquire important cars in his garage where he walks with the family, ranging from an extraordinary Ferrari to the BMW sports car that he personalized to his liking and named after his daughter Geraldine.

However, there is a van RAM 2500 high-capacity black color that the singer owns and even gave it the name “Ramona”, which has a robust appearance, is used for moving objects, manufactured with a front grille, four doors, V8 engine, Harman Kardon sound system , with 19 speakers and more.

Unfortunately, the truck “Ramona” On the road he suffered a spectacular accident, with terrible effects whose result was the forgetting of the powerful car that the singer once enjoyed, becoming the biggest “loss of money” of his life, since it exceeds one million Mexican pesos.

Strong images began to circulate on social networks of how the car looks after the accident. RAM 2500plus a surprising video of what was left of “Ramona”, the millionaire purchase that most worried her fans and from which she had to say goodbye recording a video with his sad goodbyelike other celebrities in different circumstances that we show you here.

Eduin Caz and the end of his truck

Nicky Jam

Aleska, Nicky Jam’s ex in the Lamborghini that the singer gave her

no one forgets when Nicky Jam gave his now ex-girlfriend a luxurious Lamborghini Huracan pink color, which offers a V10 engine plus power of 580 horsepower with a maximum speed of 320km/h, which he customized for his new love and which he bought a few years ago, a detail that he took advantage of giving him and that now he had to give him a farewell more than round and sad.

mr bean

Mr. Bean and the sad end of his McLaren F1

In Mr. Bean’s case, he returned nothing McLaren F1 whose value oscillates in 20 million dollars that has a V12 engine, a cooling system composed of gold material, a power of 620CV, a six-speed manual gearbox, an imposing coupé-type body at a speed that travels more than 300km/h and a performance impeccable. For many car fans it was the most painful goodbye with the least expected sale.

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods and the accident in his car which was a total loss

Tiger Woods, one of the most outstanding legends of golf, had a serious accident in his truck Genesis SUV GV80, in which he lost total control overturning repeatedly until he managed to stop. However, due to the resistant construction of this $50,000 sports craft, excellent aerodynamics, safety system for the driver and performance, many assure that this goodbye to their vehicle due to the precarious conditions left by the accident, was the reason that saved the golfer’s life.

+ Watch the video of Eduin Caz and the farewell to his car:

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Celebrities who said “the last goodbye” to their car like Eduin Caz