10 celebrities (very famous) that you did not know speak almost perfect Spanish

Some of the most famous faces in the world of cinema know how to speak our language perfectly

The American actor has been photographed in Bombay (India)

Will Smith, in a file photo, is one of the Hollywood actors who speaks perfect Spanish

Many of us are used to the blockbuster movies of Hollywood are dubbed into Spanish. So many years ago that we see the actors and actress dubbed with the same voice that we have come to believe is theirs. But, what many of us did not know is that some could dub their own voices into Spanish.

And it is that some of the best known faces of Hollywood They know how to speak (almost) perfectly in this language.



Gwyneth Paltrow

The famous actress learned to speak Spanish during her years at school. Such was the love that she professed for this language that she, at the age of 15, decided to spend the summer in Toledo to perfect it.



Ben Affleck

If unlike Gwyneth the one from Affleck It is not perfect, the reality is that the actor defends himself by speaking Spanish thanks to the time he spent living in Mexico. In addition, you have to take into account his current relationship with Jennifer Lopez, who surely has taught him something.

The American was the great protagonist of the night not only for this, but for his slap to Chris Rock in the middle of the gala


Will Smith

On some occasions, the new winner of the Oscar for ‘Best Actor’ in 2022, he has shown his mastery with Spanish in videos giving the chest do.

The popular French actor Jean Reno has Andalusian roots. His parents are from Cádiz and emigrated to Morocco, where Reno grew up until, at the age of 17, he left for France.


jean reindeer

The French actor explained that he knows Spanish thanks to his parents exiled to France during the Franco regime. Their parents did not want their children to lose their roots, so they taught them to speak in their native language.



Viggo Mortensen

The famous Hollywood actor learned to speak Spanish during his childhood. And it is that Viggo was living in Argentina up to 11 years old. It was then that his parents divorced and he and his mother went to live in the United States.

The actor from'The Good Doctor' surprises everyone with his fluency in Spanish.


freddie highmore

It’s no secret. The actor from ‘The Good Doctor’ has shown in some interviews how fluent he is in Spanish.



Tom Hiddleston

At the age of 15, for the simple pleasure of learning a new language, the popular actor I study spanish until I manage to speak it almost perfectly.



Matt Damon

Although many of his compatriots know Spanish through their studies, Matt he owes it to his wife. The actor is married to Luciana Barroso, from Argentina, who has taught him to defend himself in our language.



Vin Diesel

Like the previous one, Vin Diesel owes his knowledge of Spanish to his wife. The ‘Fast & Furious’ actor speaks our language with a Caribbean accent. Quite a surprise.

Actor Matthew McConaughey poses for photographers


Matthew McConaughey

Finally, Matthew learned Spanish in his homeland, Texas. Although over the years he has not continued to practice it, his skills allow him to understand it perfectly and even answer some questions.

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10 celebrities (very famous) that you did not know speak almost perfect Spanish