3 Korean Dramas By Kim Seon Ho That Made Him Famous Before His Scandal

What happened to Kim Seon Ho? The actor has been the target of controversy after receiving accusations from his ex-girlfriend and an alleged college classmate. A couple of days ago he issued a public apology and regretted that his former partner suffered because of him.

Since then, his entertainment agency has issued statements to deny new rumors against him, in addition to confirming that they will continue to work with him until the end of his contract. However, Kim Seon Ho has lost several alliances with brands and gave up two films that he would work on.

Kim Seon Ho became famous for korean dramas who starred alongside figures like Suzy, Nam Joo Hyuk, Shin Min Ah, among others. Throughout his career he was gaining success, but “Hometown Cha Cha Cha”, consolidated his career, as he reached great ratings in South Korea and premiered at the same time in Netflix.

Before suffering this scandal, Kim Seon Ho starred in some series, some fans have chosen to separate his career as they knew it. Check out the best recommendations for this weekend.

Dramas by Kim Seon Ho

Romance drama which tells the life of Eung Seong, a young woman who works as a translator and faces life with courage. She meets Kim Rae Wan in college and they start a friendship. He is a handsome man with a great personality, he also has a great artistic career on the rise.

Rae Wan is also a heartthrob and has never considered her friend as anything else; however, one night they end up together. Since then, the protagonist begins to doubt his life and his work, as things begin to go wrong for him.

Netflix drama which follows the life of Seo Dal Mi, a young woman who dreams of being the female Steve Jobs. However, in order to fulfill her dreams, she drops out of college and gets a part-time job, needing 90,000 won to open her own business.

Nam Do san is a young owner of Samsan Tech, a small technology company, he is very skilled with mathematics; however, his business is not doing very well. When they meet, they share the same dreams and she falls in love. Then there is Han Ji Pyun, a childhood friend who will create a love triangle.

East drama further boosted the fame of Kim Seon Ho, is currently on Netflix. The story revolves around Hong Doo Shik, he is a very peculiar 31-year-old man. He knows how to do everything, he is also a food deliveryman, works in a store and sings at night in a cafe.

On the other hand is Yoon Hye Jin, a perfectionist woman who works as a dentist. When he decides to quit his job, he moves to a rural town where he opens his own clinic and meets the protagonist. At first glance, he seems like a different man to her, as well as noisy, but for some reason she can’t stop thinking about him.

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3 Korean Dramas By Kim Seon Ho That Made Him Famous Before His Scandal