51-year-old model Naomi Campbell poses for the first time with her daughter

Naomi Campbell She surprised the world in May 2021 by announcing that she had become a mother for the first time. At that time, the 50-year-old London model gave few details about the baby, and the only thing that was known was that it was a girlAlthough his name was not made public. when was he born

This week, not only has he given some more clues about his daughter, but he has even posed with her. In the photo you can see the little girl naked and with her back to Campbell’s chest, who holds her while she looks at the camera. The snapshot, taken by the prestigious photographer Steven Meisel, is the cover of the March issue of the British edition of the magazine fashion.

Although there are two different cover options -another where Campbell poses sitting in a black jumpsuit with side openings and high heeled boots, but without the girl-, it has been the image in which she poses with the little girl, almost a year old, the one that has generated the most media attention.

“I always knew that one day I would have a son”, can be read on the cover. Although the full interview will be published on February 22, you can already read a preview of Campell’s statements, where he talks about the origin of her daughter, since she was never seen pregnant. “She is not adopted, she is my daughter [biológica]”, are some of the few words that he has advanced fashion on her Instagram profile, from which it follows that the little girl was born through a surrogate belly.

“My daughter comes first,” she tells the magazine when asked what has surprised her the most after becoming a mother. “Everything I do, I do for her. That’s how it is. She is completely altruistic, isn’t she?” she muses. In addition, between laughs, she does not rule out having more children.

The top model also says that the announcement of the little girl’s birth was a surprise to almost everyone, something that only her inner circle knew. “I can count on the fingers of one hand the people who knew she was going to have it,” she acknowledges during the interview.

“But it is the greatest blessing I could have imagined. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done.”

Instagram Naomi Campbell/Vogue.

In the note he also reveals that he maintains a close relationship with the supermodels of the nineties and that they not only have a chat group together, but are now developing a series for Apple TV, of which they are producers. Between them, Cindy Crawfordone of her closest friends, who even met Campbell’s little girl a few days after she was born, as did Christie Turlington, who also visited her before the baby was two weeks old.

Within the group of friends, who has not met her yet is cute evangelist, who is in the United States waiting to resolve some legal issues after going through a severe depression that caused him an aesthetic treatment. “She is a strong woman and I think she is very brave. It takes a lot of courage to tell that truth. I absolutely support her,” says Campbell of her friend.

Campbell explains that she always knew that one day she would be a mother and adds that having achieved it gave her “the greatest joy” she could imagine. “I’m lucky to have her and I know it,” she says. In the magazine she also touches on age, explaining that she “doesn’t even take into account” the 50-year difference between her and her daughter, given “her enormous energy levels” and that she only needs a few few hours to sleep.

In fact, the model affirms that she is encouraging all her older friends to have children: “I tell everyone: Do not hesitate!”

“I feel like a girl again. I’m reliving childhood songs, playing games, discovering how many new toys are out there. And dolls! Things I never dreamed of”, she assures, saying that the girl has a very large wardrobe thanks to “many friends and designers who send her precious things”.

During the photo session, “the baby behaved very well,” says Campbell in the interview, and confesses that she is used to traveling with her, because she always takes her on her trips, although she has a babysitter who was recommended to her by a close friend. “She adores the light,” she says about her daughter. “She is very curious. She was looking at everyone, she looks people directly in her eyes for a long time. She was understanding everything, ”says the model in the publication.

Although her daughter was calm, Campbell confesses that the one who was nervous was herself, despite her 35-year career and how good friends she is with the photographer, whom she has known since she started in the modeling world.

At the moment more details of the model’s motherhood are unknown, but Campbell will keep the girl’s name a secret, and also that she will tell more details in a memoir, which she is already planning, but has not yet started. to write.


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51-year-old model Naomi Campbell poses for the first time with her daughter