65-year-old model beats Maribel Guardia in a swimsuit; she shows off her gray hair and wrinkles with dignity

The canons of beauty have changed in recent years, and it is largely due to the fact that there are people who have not been concerned about breaking stereotypes. An example is Yazemeenah Rossi, the 65-year-old model who even surpassed Maribel Guardia in a swimsuit, as she did so wearing her gray hair and wrinkles.

Yazemeenah Rossi, who is originally from Corsica, France, has not only stood out for her beauty, personality and charisma, but also because she is consistent with what she preaches and defends: age is just a number and is not a limitation to do the things that one wants, dreams and proposes.

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So this is not the first time that the model has given something to talk about, since she has attracted attention since she entered the world of fashion at the age of 28, since within that industry it was considered too big because many models they start working in their teens and achieve worldwide recognition in their early twenties.

Despite this, Yazemeenah Rossi focused on working and strengthening her career. And faced with the criticism she received, she expressed that for her age is an aptitude, since it is necessary for people to take care of and stay close to their inner childbesides that they do not stop being curious because “only in this way will they obtain new energy”, according to Infobae.

Proof of this is that his career took off at the age of 40, when many models had already retired, and he did it in the best way as he collaborated with brands such as Saint Laurent, Thierry Mugler and Christian Lacroix, just to mention a few.

To be consistent with what she preaches, the French model shares through her social networks, where she has just over 300,000 followers, images in which she shows off her spectacular figure in swimsuits, but also su long gray hair and age-related wrinklessince it is clear that it is part of life.

This makes her stand out from the rest of the elderly celebrities, as is the case with Maribel Guardia, since she shows herself as she is and hinted that age is nothing to be ashamed of; in fact, on several occasions he has commented that he has not undergone any aesthetic procedure, since he considers that he does not need it.

65-year-old model surpasses Maribel Guardia in a swimsuit, as she shows off her gray hair and wrinkles with dignity. PHOTO: SPECIAL

Although her biggest drive is herself, the model, according to an interview with Vogue, has expressed that one of his goals is to inspire people to be who they are because it is the best of them. In that sense, she has said that she is grateful to the world of fashion because it has been a platform to share this message.

In addition, it also promotes and invites to carry a healthy life style, which has been a key element in keeping it healthy and prosperous. Through her Instagram photos, she also shares that she practices yoga, which is a practice that has helped her listen to her body to recognize her needs.

“When we take care of our body on a spiritual level, there is an answer,” he explained in the same interview with Vogue. “You have to take care of the wrapping of your body to have a connection with your spiritual side,” explained Yazemeenah Rossi, who we will be watching to find out what her next step is.

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65-year-old model beats Maribel Guardia in a swimsuit; she shows off her gray hair and wrinkles with dignity