8 Controversies that Belinda’s parents have had and what they do to survive

Belinda’s parents have always been very present in her career, from the beginning when she began to star in soap operas.

Naturally, so much exposure in the entertainment industry brings with it controversies and scandals, from which they were not spared. Here is a summary of the dark side of Belinda’s family.

1. What did Belinda’s father do in Spain?

Belinda’s father is the Spaniard Ignacio Peregrín Gutiérrez, and he began his working life working in a family business, which sold medical supplies to hospitals.

However, Ignacio ended that employment relationship on bad terms, after being accused of embezzlement and not paying his employees, according to his sister, Rocío Peregrín.


2. His sister denounced that Ignacio ‘extorted’ his father to give him 60% of the shares of his company

His sister, Rocío Peregrín, denounced in an interview that Ignacio had extorted his elderly father to give them 60% of the shares of his company.

“Little by little they extorted him, I think my father was afraid of him. He made him sign a document where he gave them 60% of the shares, ”said Rocío Peregrín.

3. Ignacio Peregrín was accused by his own sister of “looting” his father’s savings after his father’s death

Rocío Peregrín narrated that after her father died in an accident, Ignacio and his brother went to the bank to withdraw all their savings.

“They brought someone to forge my father’s signature, they withdrew all his savings and when they returned to the wake they told me: ‘Dad had no savings.'”

4. “If I had no savings, then what did we live on?”

Rocío Peregrín revealed that on the same day of the wake, he rebuked Ignacio about his father’s savings:

– Well, dad had no money in his account.

– And then what did we live on?

– I don’t know, maybe he got money from the company, but dad didn’t have a dime, and then we are going to sell the house and let each one fix it up”

5. Ignacio Peregrín allegedly fled Spain in the trunk of a car

According to his sister’s statements, Ignacio Peregrín had to flee in the trunk of a car, from his home to the airport.

According to his sister, Ignacio had received several threats from the workers of his company, since he had not paid them their salary.


6. Rocío Peregrín revealed that once Belinda told her crying that her father made her work excessively

According to Rocío Peregrín, he revealed that once Belinda confessed to him crying that his father “had stopped being a father, to become a manager.”

According to Rocío, Belinda confessed to her that they made her work too much, when she already wanted to retire.

Source of all the above points: Interview with Rocío Peregrín

7. Belinda’s mother supported her daughter “stopping studying”

According to the “Telehit” portal, Belinda only managed to study normally until she was 13 years old.

From that age, the singer had to have teachers at home who taught her at a slower pace.

Her mother, Belinda Schull, agreed to put her daughter’s artistic career before her studies.

Source: Telehit


8. Belinda’s mother was criticized for a comment where they called Christian Nodal “Naco”

Belinda’s mother was harshly criticized on social networks for responding to a comment calling Christian Nodal “Naco”.

Belinda Schull responded to this comment with several thumbs up, supporting the bullying they did to her former son-in-law.

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8 Controversies that Belinda’s parents have had and what they do to survive