8 years after the murder of Monica Spear

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Every January 6, Venezuelans remember with regret one of the crimes that most shocked Venezuela: the murder of Monica Spear.

The former beauty queen, crowned Miss Venezuela in 2004, was cruelly attacked by a group of criminals on the Valencia – Puerto Cabello highway. That day, the January 6, 2014, Spear was accompanied by her husband Henry Thomas Berry, who also passed away, and their daughter, Maya Berry Spear, then 5 years old.

Monica Spears lived in Miami with her husband and daughter. In December 2013 the couple decided return to the country on vacation. During that month, the ex-queen published several photos and videos of her visit. He was excited to celebrate the New Year in Merida and he did.

On his Instagram there is a photo of his passage through the Mucubají Lagoon with her daughter, the last photo together published on January 3, 2014. Spear also left videos of her passage through the Venezuelan plains, publications made a day before her murder and that of her husband occurred.

How it happened?

The incident occurred around 10:30 pm while the family was moving along the Valencia highway, exactly in the El Cambur sector of Carabobo State. The vehicle they were traveling with got crashed at kilometer 194.

It was then that Spear saw a crane that stopped to help them. Once the car was on the tow truck, with the family inside the vehicle, the criminals arrived, announced the assault and began to shoot. In the book “Final Chapter, the murder of Monica Spear”, written by the journalists of events María Isoliett and Deivis Ramírez, it is explained that there are two versions of what happened since then.

In one of the versions the crane driver he did nothing during the assault, he did not play any role. And, in the other, the driver engages in a shootout with the thugs.

Spear died at the age of 29 as a result of the bullets he received in the buttock, leg and right arm. Her 39-year-old husband also died when he was hit by a bullet in the chest.

Assassination of Spear
The Berry Spear family on their last vacation | Photo File

The daughter of both, Maya Berry Spear, he was only injured in the right leg. The little girl was saved because she was in the back of the vehicle. Later, she was treated at the Princelar clinic and later transferred by her grandparents to a medical center in Caracas, who obtained her parental authority.

A sad farewell

Two days after the incident, on January 8, 2014, the bodies of Spear and Berry They were veiled at the Monumental de la Guarita. They were buried in the Eastern Cemetery on January 10. Since then, with each passing year, Venezuelans remember with regret the death of the former Venezuela in social networks. There, in his honor and memory, users post photos of his time at Miss Venezuela and his roles on television to remember his legacy.

Assassination of Spear
Funeral of Monica Spear and her husband | Photo File

Spear had an outstanding participation in the small screen of the country. Their leading roles in productions like My cousin Ciela, Moon Street, Sun Street or The Perfect Woman they are fondly remembered in the country. In her career, Spear also played the character of Bianca Santillana de Piedmont in the American soap opera, Forbidden passion.

Assassination of Spear
Monica Spear in My cousin heaven | Photo File

Before the murder occurred, Spear intended to record a short on domestic violence titled A good man. The rehearsals of the project would begin on January 9, so it had to be in Caracas the first days of the month. Filming would begin in Los Guayos, Carabobo state, on the 13th and 14th. That would be his first major film project. But it could never be done.

A few days after the incident, the first seven arrests occurred but it was not until 2016 that the case was officially declared closed. The detainees included more than six men, two teenagers and a woman.

Spear and her husband put a face to a reality suffered by millions of Venezuelans: insecurity.

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8 years after the murder of Monica Spear