A RESPIRATORY ARREST TAKES YOUR LIFE! A few hours from announcing progress in health of Carmen Salinas, her family is in mourning for an unexpected death

  • A few hours after the family of Carmen Salinas said their health, they dress in mourning
  • The last year has been painful for the actress’s relatives, since there have been five deaths of members
  • Carmen Salinas is torn between life and death

After four deaths that clothed them in mourning, the family of Carmen Salinas would once again go through a loss in the middle of a dramatic moment as the legendary actress struggles between life and life. death, with everything and the improvement that has presented in the last hours.

According to reports from the digital portal ‘Show news‘, quoting Dale Quiroz from Argüende TV, once again close to Carmen Salinas are mourning the sudden death of a loved one for them and for the Mexican actress, whom they apparently identified as’ Jimmy’, without specifying the relationship.

Family of Carmen Salinas, in mourning

Carmen Salinas mourning family

And it is that after the loss of four family members, including Carmen Salinas’s brother and his wife, both from COVID, now, a fifth death seizes the dynasty of the legendary actress while she is in a coma after a hemorrhage brain that hit him suddenly.

It would be a nephew of Carmen Salinas who supposedly lived with her, whom they called ‘Jimmy’, and he referred to the actress as ‘mother’, while supposedly the daughter of the comedian, María Eugenia Plascencia called her ‘hand’ (brother), although in it actually turned out to be his cousin.

A respiratory arrest takes their lives and dresses them in mourning

The actress has lost several loved ones

According to what is commented on the digital portal, it was a respiratory arrest that took the life of Jimmy, Carmen Salinas’s nephew, who apparently was not in poor health, so death is a tragedy and more anguish for the family of the actress who is at a maximum level of concern and stress before the state of the comedian.

The blow has occurred in a year in which the family of Carmen Salinas has had to face the deaths of members that undoubtedly caused sadness and melancholy to the health of the actress, who always communicated the fateful news through Instagram photos asking for prayers in her name.

Carmen Salinas was in mourning throughout 2021 and now this news from her nephew could give her the final blow?

Carmen Salinas mourning

After a week full of operations to improve her health and after the good news that the cerebral hemorrhage is gradually subsiding, the news of the death of her nephew ‘Jimmy’ could represent a great blow for Carmen Salinas in case I got to wake up very soon.

And it is that despite the significant advances that she has had, Carmen Salinas has been in a natural coma for 14 days receiving constant medical attention in intensive care and although the doctors initially assured that the area of ​​affectation was in her consciousness, Hopes were already given that it could wake up.

Despite the mourning, they refuse to let Carmen Salinas go and she responds to medical attention

They report that the actress's family is in mourning

The decision of the daughter of Carmen Salinas was highly criticized given the circumstances in which the 82-year-old actress is found, who in an interview long ago assured that she would not like to be connected to a machine to live, so even the Actress Azalea Robinson criticized the family clinging to keeping her that way until she reacted.

Another important aspect that was reported a few days ago was the bad news that Carmen Salinas would be replaced by María Rojo in the telenovela she was currently recording, Mi Fortuna es Amarte, with the role of ‘Magos’, which would be her last role, well yes would he wake up and recover, the consequences that he would suffer would prevent him from returning to acting.

Despite the mourning of the family, the actress continues to evolve favorably

Carmen Salinas and her family dress in mourning

Carmen Salinas with her brain hemorrhage spent the fourteenth day hospitalized and in intensive care while the hopes of a speedy recovery continue to be high and even more so now with the recent medical report given to the relatives of the legendary actress, who released good news .

Through ‘Televisa shows’ and taken up by the Instagram of’ Despierta América ‘, a video of the most recent interview with Carmen Salinas’ nephew and granddaughter was shared, where they commented on the hopes they have that after two surgical procedures the actress’s health has improved.

Carmen Salinas improves her brain hemorrhage

Carmen Salinas drastically improves from her brain hemorrhage
Instagram: Wake up America

“The tomography shows a slight decrease in blood, that is, not enough, but something has already gone down,” Gustavo Briones, nephew of Carmen Salinas, who has been one of the closest friends, began by explaining to the media. to the actress who is watching over her health since she was admitted.

“It is a positive process because it is alive, but also something normal because it is what we are waiting for and that in a month or month and a half the (brain) hemorrhage may already be completely absorbed by the body”, were the words of Carmen Plascencia, granddaughter of Carmen Salinas.

A month or a month and a half so that the actress’s brain hemorrhage is absorbed?

The Mexican actress improves her health

After this week the actress underwent a tracheostomy and gastrostomy in order to prevent infections and to cleanse herself better of the phlegm and the way of feeding was more appropriate, Carmen Salinas has responded to perfection without so far suffered some kind of complication.

The actress’s nephew explained: “She is perfectly fine, her body accepted it very well, and without complications”, after the procedures to which she was subjected, however another aspect to highlight is the fact that Carmen Salinas has made movements involuntary physical reflexes.

Despite the brain hemorrhage, the actress’s body continues to make involuntary movements

Family members of Carmen Salinas say how her brain hemorrhage is going

While the improvements are gradually taking place, Carmen Salinas makes involuntary movements as a result of the reflexes of her body: “She continues with movement, responding to the stimuli they give her, as well as you grab her little foot and hand, that is, it continues to work. everything perfectly ”, Gustavo Briones concluded.

Meanwhile, the comments for the actress in desire of her recovery, appeared: “Thank God”, “Amen”, “For God there is nothing impossible and more when we pray with faith”, “Thank God that everything is improving and we must not lose faith blessings ”,“ God works for good ”,“ But it will not remain the same ”.

Once recovered, a complicated rehabilitation awaits

The Mexican about to come out of a coma

By the time Carmen Salinas manages to get out of the brain hemorrhage that caused her natural coma, it is said that she will no longer be able to work again and that she will probably be left with irreversible consequences, so she will have to go through a series of rehabilitations and treatments help her.

To the above there was a lot of controversy in recent days, because a video resurfaced where she herself said in an interview that she would not like to be alive by connecting to a machine, hence the statements of the actress Azalea Robinson asking not to make her suffer and disconnected, to which the family responded with a resounding no.

Hope for Carmen Salinas to come out of the brain hemorrhage is not lost

Carmen Salinas brain hemorrhage

They say goodbye? After two surgeries, which turned out to be a success, the family of the first actress, Carmen Salinas, launches an unexpected announcement on social networks, causing many followers and loyal fans of the beloved Mexican actress to intensify their prayers, what is happening ?

It was on November 24 when it was announced through a statement on social networks that Carmelita had successfully exited two operations; a tracheostomy and a gastronomy, which they affirmed were vital for the actress to be able to come out of the coma in which she has been induced all these days. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF WHAT THE CARMEN SALINAS FAMILY SAID ABOUT BRAIN HEMORRHAGE. Some images of this note come from the following video.

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A RESPIRATORY ARREST TAKES YOUR LIFE! A few hours from announcing progress in health of Carmen Salinas, her family is in mourning for an unexpected death