A shame about Miss World

When they announced Miss World in Puerto Rico, many of us saw the joy of Stephanie del Valle, the former Puerto Rican Miss World, when making the announcement. For her and her family it was a dream come true. At the time, it was all peaches and cream. It should be remembered that Stephanie is the Miss World who raised the most money for the charities of the organization. They add up by the millions.

Returning to the ad, Wilnelia Merced even danced full. For Brad Dean of the DMO, everything was a party. The amount of promotion that Puerto Rico would have would exceed what we received in the Miss Universe contests, when Denise Quiñones won in Bayamón and the Russian Oxana Fedorova in San Juan.

But yesterday, at the time of the contest, Mr. Covid took away the dance and, what some would say, the contentment. First, because we will not sell Puerto Rico to the world before Christmas, zero promotion, and then to give the impression, or the reality, that in Israel they were more careful with Miss Universe than here, avoiding contagion.

The images of Israel in the Miss Universe did not reflect girls sharing with other people; here we saw the girls without masks even on the visit to the governor.

The impression we leave with the cancellation, and I understand it, is that whether we like it or not, we are still a country that no matter how many people we have vaccinated, we cannot claim victory. They told me that several infected with COVID-19 were production personnel who came from England, and that they could not overcome.

It is a pity that TeleOnce could not enter the beauty pageants with the right foot and I know that many of its employees were walking with the soul in pain when they heard the news. But, such is life. I don’t even want to think about the amount of money they lost. And the amount of money that Tourism and the government invested and lost is not even said.

I don’t know if we did a favor or put the rope around our necks with Christmas tourism. What I do know is that we will go down in history as the first place that wanted to be the center of the world, but we stayed with that: in wanting to be. Hello, thank you.

Miss Universe 360 ​​degrees

Miss Universe had long been looking for a partner who would throw the house out the window and she found him in Israel. The spectacular scenery, the shots of Haifa, Tel Avid, Jerusalem, Nazareth, Jaiffa, of course the Eilat headquarters, were spectacular. They took advantage of the shots and very good production and promotion.

Regarding the count of the previous years for the anniversary, I think that apart from the Venezuelan Irene Saez Conde, who was mayor, like they passed without pain or glory. Few Venezuelans and fewer Puerto Ricans.

At the beginning, Steve Harvey threw a monologue of almost 17 minutes and, if you can’t take it, you changed the channel and missed the rest. Very bad his comments about the hours he had to travel by helicopter; I’m still looking for the joke He didn’t mind criticizing his hosts.

We wanted to see the candidates and he kept talking. The tacky joke about black-and-white television at his parents’ house reminds us of Black Lives Matters, and it seems he doesn’t.

The semifinalists were no surprise, nor was the final battle between Paraguay, Nadia Ferreira, and India, Harnaaz Sandhu, the winner. The questions were almost what they had said in the previous videos, including the winner. That was repetitive and there were no surprises.

And we go to Puerto Rico. Michelle Marie Colón should not have worn a typical costume that covered her so much. We are making that mistake almost all the time. You want to see what the girl looks like, not if there are flowers, pumps or whatever in Puerto Rico.

Regarding the evening dress, when they presented it, the comments seemed more like a promotion for Israel’s designs than for Miss Puerto Rico. If they did it to win over the Israelites … of course not. The color of the suit, as happened with Madison Anderson, did not highlight it at any time.

One does not want to see mirrors or stones, we wanted to see Michelle regal, in a suit that would increase her beauty and not take away from her. Whoever recommended that you wear that suit … seems like your enemy. Sorry, malet mallet.

And again the representative from South Africa makes a tremendous demonstration. Now the team that trains those girls is super loved by the organization. We have recently seen two Miss Universe and two finalists. They have something that they are doing well.

Puerto Rico did not look bad, but if I had had another suit and another swimsuit I think I would reach the final frame and there I would dance … BOMBA. Hello, thank you.

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A shame about Miss World