A shower of flattery falls on the driver, she takes the night and “dethrones a famous actress”

Cynthia Rodriguez It is once again the center of all eyes with a black design in which it wore some of its flirtatious attributes, thus surpassing a famous actress.

The singer Cynthia Rodriguez who was one of the contestants of “The academy“And 2 and 3 Star Challenge, she wore a Victor & Jesse haute couture design” that left everyone speechless.

Immediately, the television host He became the target of comments and praise that flooded the publication he shared a day ago and in which he accumulated a total of 123,084 likes.

Friday? Beautiful dress from my spoiled @victoryjesse. Stylist: @george_figueroa. Jewelry @ unode50 Hairstyle: @vaniama makeup. Makeup: @dormaka, commented Cynthia Deyanira Rodríguez in the message that accompanies the description of the photo carousel.

Cynthia Rodríguez makes an impact in a black dress in which she lets her charms escape, surpassing a famous actress. Photo: Instagram Capture


The one born on May 8th in Monclova, Coahuila, has been denoted as the “Best dressed“, To which the designs that highlight the best qualities of the” exacadémica “have contributed to a large extent.

Cynthia Deyanira Rodríguez Ruiz wore a black outfit embroidered with stone inlays in black and silver on the neck and on the upper part of the dress.

The “TV actress”She did not miss an opportunity to show some flirty details to the front with a large opening in a square under which she exposed her skin.

The recent look of the “mexican youtuber“, it almost allows some of its charms to escape which can be appreciated even more through the first image.

At the bottom, the so-called “Rump princess”, She wore a floor-length maxi skirt, which further lengthened her stylized silhouette, as can be seen in the two photographs she shared from her Instagram account a day ago.

Fire, wrote curvyzulema

What a friend barbara, commented @la_chicuela

Bellaaaaa, expressed @ karladíazof_

Of course, the followers of the host of “I want to sing!” They did not take long to react and show their support for the “Mexican model”

All a beautiful queenaaa, That same model was used by Ariadne Díaz a few weeks ago at the platinum awards, both beautiful, Diosa! Beautiful ,, Woww. Beautiful, what a nice dress, I would have liked with my hair up, Pretty !!!

The 37-year-old celebrity, “Carlos Rivera’s girlfriend“He also has a splendid figure thanks to his disciplined lifestyle, as he has declared himself to be a fan of exercise on many occasions.

The actress of soap operas and series such as “Educando a Nina”, “Mujer purchased”, etc., even surpassed the actress herself Ariadne Díaz.

According to some of the comments, who referred to the moment in which the actress would have worn the same design and with which, according to their opinion, the beauty of Cynthia Rodríguez Ruiz would have overshadowed the actress.

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A shower of flattery falls on the driver, she takes the night and “dethrones a famous actress”