Aaron Carter and his fiancee break up a week after the birth of their first child

Aaron Carter and his fiancee, Melanie Martin, publicly presented to your newborn baby a week ago between messages of love and happiness. Now and just a few days later, the singer has communicated that they have decided to “continue their separate ways”. An announcement that has surprised the followers of the younger brother of the star of the Backstreet Boys, since it seemed that the couple were going through one of the best moments of their relationship. Aaron himself has explained the reasons for the separation, claiming that it is due to “a very big lie “from his fiancée for keeping in touch with his twin sister, Angel Carter, which has not been spoken to since 2019.

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“Due to personal reasons Melanie Martin and I have decided to go our separate ways. There has been a very big lie and my sister has contacted my ex-fiancé and ruined everything considering that she knew what Angel tried to do to me in court. Thank you Angel you have ruined my family. God bless you “, has written Aaron carter in your profile. Given the barrage of messages that the 33-year-old singer has received from his followers, he has decided to speak openly about the situation and explain the reasons why it is “unforgivable” that his fiancée has kept in touch with his sister.

Aaron Carter’s relationship with almost his entire family has been practically nil for two years, when his brother Nick asked for a restraining order against his younger brother after he allegedly threatened to kill his ‘pregnant wife and future child’ and Angel Carter, Aaron’s twin, supported him. The little Carter has commented that his partner, Melanie Martin, was aware of the tense relationship with his family has explained to his followers that his girl, Melanie Martin, knew the situation perfectly and should stay on the sidelines and not talk to ” half of my family who tried to portray me as a psychotic human being. “


“I have never felt more devastated and betrayed in my entire life,” he continued. Aaron Carter, who has already defined himself as a “single father” as she spoke that her newborn son, Prince Lyric, did not deserve this family atmosphere. A situation that contrasts considerably with the latest publications of the artist, in which the happy couple was seen with their first-born. For her part, Melanie Martin not only has not commented on the matter, but has also deleted all her public profiles.

Aaron Carter and Melanie Martin’s courtship, full of ups and downs

This is not the first time that the couple has put an end to their relationship, somewhat problematic since its inception. A courtship that started in January 2020 and that experienced its first crisis in March of that same year, when Carter’s ex-fiancée ended up being arrested by the police for a crime of domestic violence against the singer. Finally, after different bumps and rumors of infidelity, the couple reconciled and got engaged in June of last year. Since then, they have suffered several ups and downs, including another rupture, an abortion and a subsequent reconciliation.

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Aaron Carter and his fiancee break up a week after the birth of their first child