About to celebrate their first Christmas together, Daniel Arenas and Daniella Álvarez escape to NY

The parties are just around the corner, the celebrations are beginning to live and the preparations for the big night should be almost ready, especially for those who celebrate a special occasion. This is the case of Daniel Arenas Y Daniella Alvarez, who are preparing to spend their first Christmas as a couple. With a very large faithful, this is a special occasion for lovers. This is why they have decided to pack their bags and head to the Big Apple, from where they have posed for endearing postcards that they have shared with their followers. Although it is well known that the actor He is not a regular on social networks And since the beginning of his career he has preferred to lead his personal life with total discretion, it seems that his relationship with the beauty queen has allowed him to explore a new facet in the share your happiness with your followers.

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From Los Cabos, Daniel Arenas and Daniella Álvarez show off their love

After finishing his telenovela, Daniel Arenas leaves Mexico and returns home

Anywhere in the world, but together. Thank God for allowing us to have health and the possibility of giving us this trip our first Christmas! May God and the Virgin allow me to be the first of many”, Wrote Daniel and Daniella in their respective accounts with a series of photographs in which they are seen enjoying New York despite the low temperatures. Completely in love, the poses in their images show that they are having a great time. In addition to the postcards seen on their profiles, they both shared stories documenting their journey. In them you can see that among their stops in the Big Apple was the obligatory visit to Broadway, where they saw Come From Away. “Broadway time with my beautiful girl,” wrote the soap opera protagonist. While the blonde was not far behind putting in one of her stories: “My beautiful baby”, referring to her boyfriend.

This is not their first trip. In recent weeks they were also seen from Los Cabos. “What a fortune it is to share each day with you, from dawn to dusk! I love you ”, wrote Daniella along with some postcards from her trip. Along with another reel of this trip, he shared: “Our beautiful and beloved Mexico, what a beauty of a place, to know the Arch and enjoy the sea lions. But even more beautiful than its natural beauties, there is the affection and hospitality of its people. What a delight to meet him with you ”, referring to her boyfriend.

Daniella Álvarez and Daniel ArenasVIEW GALLERY

Daniella Álvarez reveals her curious love story with Daniel Arenas

How this romance started

Despite the fact that Daniel has been extremely discreet when it comes to matters of the heart, when rumors of a possible with Daniella began to sound, everything pointed to it being true. The story behind their relationship, shared by Daniella on the show No Rodeo from Jomari joyso, where the driver told: “The story is that, years ago your mother got on a plane and Daniel Arenas was on the plane and your very pretty mother showed him a photo (of the model): ‘Daniel forgive me, this is my Girl, she just won the Miss Colombia, she is very pretty, she is divine, she has a boyfriend, but that does not matter… ‘”. Given this, the beauty queen continued: “Yes, she wrote to me, every year she wrote to me, the most divine… That was in 2012, I remember that they gave him my cell phone and the man wrote to me in 2013, in 2014, in 2015, but as friends to meet me and I always had a boyfriend ”.

Until the moment came: “Then life did not coincide with us, we never coincide, and then I was the one who called him”, the reason was to ask him for help with his new job as judge of Nuestra Belleza Latina: “I called him and it was that we agreed to lunch, and finally I could go to lunch because I no longer had a boyfriend, he didn’t have a girlfriend, and we could sit down to eat … “. And the rest is history.

Daniel Arenas and Daniella ÁlvarezVIEW GALLERY

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About to celebrate their first Christmas together, Daniel Arenas and Daniella Álvarez escape to NY