Actor Daniel Guerrero dies: They say goodbye to the Argentine announcer

  • Argentine actor Daniel Guerrero, dies at the age of 76.
  • His daughter says goodbye to him through Facebook, remembers his best moments.
  • This was the long career of the Argentine actor and broadcaster.

Actor Daniel Guerrero dies: The world of television and radio is dressed in mourning for the loss of the Galán de Galanes, Daniel Guerrero who died at the age of 76. The interpreter of soap operas like: your world and mine or Friends forever, passed away this Saturday, January 16, 2021, as indicated by his relatives.

The unfortunate outcome was announced by his wife, who is Zulma Faiad, and his daughters, the fruit of this relationship, Daniela and Eleonora, according to the People en Español portal. In addition, the acting association in Argentina also confirmed it and fired Daniel Guerrero.

Actor Daniel Guerrero dies: His daughter was the first to report his death

PHOTO: Facebook

The daughter of actor Daniel Guerrero, Eleonora, wanted to dedicate a moving message to him saying goodbye and thanking him for all the learning. Emphasizing that she feels sad for his loss and that she will never stop loving him:

I can’t even say how much I love him, nor the immense pain I feel. I tell you because I know of the love they have for him and I can’t warn each person, I don’t have the soul right now for that… He takes my story and leaves me all the memories, the love and what I’ve lived, will never be dead in my heart, he will never be dead… I love you with my soul, dad, now you don’t suffer anymore,” he wrote on Facebook.

Actor Daniel Guerrero dies: Eleonora warned her followers of her father’s state of health

PHOTO: Facebook

Through his Facebook account, where the daughter of the Argentine actor followed up on his followers at all times about his state of health. He asked his followers to pray for his father, who was already in serious health.

“…As I already clarified, beautiful and very valuable people for me, I did not say who my relative was because he asked me to and I did not want to worry anyone!!, but since he is between life and death again in Therapy Intensive, and so many people want to make a prayer chain with their name, I tell them that who is my beloved relative and is fighting for his life is MY FATHER.. They are loved, thanks for so much love and support, now they know who he is.” Eleonora wrote on Facebook.

Actor Daniel Guerrero dies: Eleonora dedicates a farewell message to her father

Actor Daniel Guerrero dies
PHOTO: Facebook/ Eleonora Z. Guerrero Faiad

The daughter of the first actor has not stopped posting how she feels in the last few hours, and her followers have not stopped sending her messages of support and strength. Through a post with two photographs with her father, Eleonora says goodbye and thanks everything she lived with Daniel Guerrero, her father.

“So much to thank, so much lived with my father these last 7 years, so much love, so many challenges, laughter, struggles, many wins, and always together. If I could choose, I would do the same again… Thank you mom for everything you did for my father by accompanying me unconditionally, so many hard anecdotes and others so funny and bizarre, the one about the ambulance the 3 going to Bernal is priceless and the one about Christmas together either…”.

Actor Daniel Guerrero dies: Zulema, his wife, says goodbye to the actor

Actor Daniel Guerrero dies
PHOTO: Twitter

As expected, followers of the actor who remember him for having been part of the lives of people who grew up with soap operas in which he was the protagonist, They say goodbye of him and they dedicate a few words to him through the account of Zulema, the one who was his wife.

Dismissal on his infinite path to Daniel Guerrero, father of my daughters, with love and respect cultivated in the good words shared in recent years. May God bless you on your way to heaven.” Zulema wrote on Twitter accompanied by a photograph of the actor.

Actor Daniel Guerrero dies: Fans say goodbye to the actor

Actor Daniel Guerrero dies
PHOTO: Twitter

Through the tweet that Zulema published where he says goodbye to Daniel Guerrero, the followers did not take long to pay tribute to him, remembering the soap operas where they saw him and grew up with him, Zulema responded to some of these comments.

“Sad news, the first novel I saw when I was 12 years old was ‘YOUR WORLD AND MINE’, it was my first platonic love. His voice, his gallantry, his skin color. I loved it. ALWAYS IN MY HEART.”, “Beautiful gentleman, how can I not remember his manly voice? What a painting!, RIP Kisses Zulma beautiful just like your daughters. Followers wrote via Twitter.

This was his artistic career

Actor Daniel Guerrero dies
PHOTO: Twitter

According to the Infobae portal, the career of the Argentine actor and announcer was quite long, since he worked on the radio stations El Mundo, Splendid, Belgrano, Rivadavia, among others. On the other hand in the small screen participated as an actor in titles such as: your world and mine, Forever friends, High comedy, Rosse, Pablo in our skin, The theater by Dario Vittori, I want to scream your name, Face to face, This can be your story, The great lover and Marriages and something else.

In theater he also participated in many works such as: Applause, The walker, Mateo, It’s prettier with love, Una Zulma y dos Adanes, Legs with history, Wedding dinner, Starfish, When Adam lost the leaf, among others… His work became recognized throughout Latin America, Peru, Chile, Mexico, Paraguay, Uruguay etc.

Mother of actor Humberto Zurita dies

Actor Daniel Guerrero dies
PHOTO: Instagram

On the other hand, Humberto Zurita, protagonist of telenovelas such as “Bodas de odio” and “El candidate” used his social networks to share the news of the Unfortunate loss of his mother. “Life without love is meaningless. Fly high angel of my life 1/14/22”, wrote the actor along with a photo of his mother, which the actor shared in his Instagram stories.

“My mother and the cleanest and purest love that taught me that this life without love is not worth living,” added the actor on his social network. You will always live in my heart”, “Go and light up the sky as you lit up my life, heart”. These are some of the messages that the actor wrote in farewell to his mother, May he rest in peace.

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Actor Daniel Guerrero dies: They say goodbye to the Argentine announcer