Actor James Franco confessed that he is addicted to sex

James franco

Actor James Franco first admitted that he had sex with students from his acting courses. And he confessed that he is receiving treatment because he is addicted to sex.

Since 2018, several women They have accused Franco of sexual abuse and a group of students denounced the actor because he took sexual advantage of the students who attended his classes at the Studio 4 school.

Despite the fact that he always denied these allegations, in an interview for the Jess Cagle podcast, Franco acknowledged that he slept with several students and that “it was wrong.”

“I guess I thought then that if it was spoiled it was okay,” he said.

The lawsuit was initially filed in 2019 by Sarah Tither-Kaplan and Toni Gaal, who signed up for their classes in 2014. They claimed that James Franco taught lessons on sex scenes that consisted of “simulations of sexual acts that went far beyond the standards. of the industry”.

The complaint was joined by more students from his courses who, as an example, indicated that Franco devised the alleged filming of an orgy in which he removed the plastic protections that covered the women’s vaginas before simulating oral sex.

In addition, the actor recorded some women in his rehearsals and approached young women promising jobs in Hollywood projects that never materialized.

James Franco went to therapy to treat his sex addiction

This summer, Franco signed an agreement with the victims for which he paid 2.3 million dollars to be distributed among those affected.

Likewise, the actor also said that he had gone to therapy to treat his addiction to sex, a problem with which he says he covered his alcoholism.

“The attention of women, success among women, also became an important source of validation for me. The problem was that, as with any drug, it is never enough, “he explained.

The controversy surrounding Franco began at the 2018 Golden Globes, where he won the award for best actor in a comedy for “The Disaster Artist” (2017) and on whose red carpet he walked with a “Time’s Up” pin. .

During the ceremony, several actresses charged on social networks against Franco’s alleged hypocrisy for wearing one of those badges. Since they assured that he was responsible for episodes of sexual abuse in the past.

Those Golden Globes were the first awards to be held after the feminist push against sexual assault by the #MeToo movement. Practically all the attendees dressed in black to show their rejection of machismo.

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Actor James Franco confessed that he is addicted to sex