Actor who ‘officiated’ the mass of the alleged fake wedding of Eugenio Derbez and Victoria Ruffo gives his version

Eugenio Derbez confessed in January that “it hurts him a lot” the information that has been spread over the years about his alleged marriage to Victoria Ruffo. The Mexican actor explained his version in detail and clarified that the party was with wedding theme to deliver the engagement ring to the actress.

In a talk for the program ‘The interview with Yordi Rosado’ he revealed the names of some friends and acquaintances who were present at the event, among them he named the actor Marcial Casale, who served as a priest to ‘officiate’ the presumed religious ceremony.

Is now Casale who confirmed what Derbez said and assured that there was never a wedding, but an engagement party.

“Eugenio said ‘I want give the rings in a special way to Victoria‘, I don’t know if she knew or didn’t know, but it’s more than obvious if you arrive and they put a wedding dress on you and tie it with ‘masking tape’ in an uncertified place, it’s not good for getting married in the church, that we have it clear”, he explained in an interview with the media.

Marcial explained that he disguised himself as a priest and officiated at the alleged ceremony in which neither the sacred elements nor the elements of a catholic mass existed: ” There was no host, there was no consecration, there was no holy water, there was no bond, there was no signing, there were no premarital talks […] If he had wanted to cheat, do you think he would do it that way? I do not think so. It was not a deception, there was no ceremony, let’s not play the story, “she explained.

Marcial Casale explained that at that time he was very close to Derbez and made it clear that did not receive money for his participation: “How do you think they are going to pay me if I am a friend of Eugenio […] We were very good friends at that time, along with Luis Ernesto Cano and a thing really came out of buddies, of actors who are just starting out, nothing more,” he said about how the idea of ​​the “wedding” came about.

Martial was also affected

Twenty years ago, when the information that the union of the famous had been an alleged farce was publicly disclosed, Marcial Casale asked a priest for advice.

“When the gossip came out 20 years ago, it also affected me because they said ‘it’s that we are going to excommunicate them‘, I said ‘no, no, no’, I spoke with a father and he told me ‘they can’t excommunicate you because you didn’t do anything,'” he told the media, including reporter Berenice Ortíz.

“Me never in my life would I lend myself to make a farce of that type because I am Catholic, I have been married to my wife for almost 30 years, I have two children and they are educated in the religion […] For me it was not a hoax, they did not pay me, I would never lend myself to that, I am a complete actor,” he stressed.


Martial spoke with Victoria

In 2005 Marcial Casale was part of the cast of ‘La Madrastra’, one of the successful telenovelas that Victoria Ruffo has starred in.

The actor approached her to clarify the situation: “I respect Victoria a lot, she is a woman, she has her life, she is happily married, she has her children, they are already fixed, I mean, I don’t know why this came out after 30 years, it’s terrible.”

“I worked with her on ‘La Madrastra’ and I talked to her, finishing the novel I told her: ‘Hey Victoria, don’t do that because then you can take my job away from me, I have a son’ and she left me: ‘ Yes, no problem‘, but they had already passed their legal roll”, he said regarding the problems with Derbez about the custody of José Eduardo.

Victoria Ruffo’s version

more than two decades ago ‘The Queen of Soap Operas’ announced that her wedding with Eugenio had been false. In 2002 he told his version to the journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante.

“One day I remember very well, he tells me: ‘Hey, I have an appointment in a hotel with some people who want to hire me, will you come with me? ‘Yes, of course.’ I was already pregnant”, a version that coincides with the narrated by Derbez.

Eugenio asked him to go to the heliport of the place to give time for the people with whom he was supposed to talk about the project to arrive. “I’m telling his mom that I’m pregnant and it was stairs… Since we were going to get there, I started to hear the wedding march and I told him ‘what’s going on’, then a friend of his comes down with a wedding dress and they cover it for meThey give me a bouquet and make me go up the stairs”.

“In the distance I see a buddy, father dress. I didn’t know this guy […] I assumed we were getting married, there was ring and all the roll. We ate pizzas and from there we ran to the Angel of Independence to take some photos.”

“Later he told me that it wasn’t my wedding, I already cried for him, he told me courage, I said well what did they see me, but for me it was my wedding… Then he says it was a kind of gift, a surprise, but that obviously it wasn’t a marriage… I was perhaps very innocent, very ignorant, but I thought I was getting married,” he told Gustavo Adolfo Infante in 2002.

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Actor who ‘officiated’ the mass of the alleged fake wedding of Eugenio Derbez and Victoria Ruffo gives his version