Actors of the P. Luche family who have already passed away: their fans still miss them

The P. Luche family is one of the most remembered programs of the 2000s, as it tells the story of a dysfunctional family, whose members are quite funny and won the hearts of their followers.

This comedy, which was directed by Eugenio Derbez, hit the small screen in 2002 and went off the air in 2012. 22 years after its premiere, some of the actors who participated in the Mexican series, unfortunately, have already died.

Actors of La Familia P. Luche who have already passed away

Sergio Ramos Gutiérrez ‘The Comanche’

The interpreter, who also participated in projects such as ‘The thousand sons’, ‘Rumbera caliente’, ‘Los teporochos’ and ‘Los Beverly de peralvillo’, gave life to Federica’s father (Consuelo Duval) in the first season of the series. The actor died in June 2004 at the age of 68, leaving a legacy in film and television.

Fans of the series will surely remember Octavio Castro in the role of “El Dedotes”, Bibi’s boyfriend (a character played by Regina Blandón). The actor, who died in 2012 due to a sudden heart attack, collaborated in productions such as ‘Nosotros los nobles’, ‘Bala Mordida’, ‘Round trip’ and ‘I only want to walk’.

The comedian, who also appeared on the show ‘Maria de todos los angeles’, died in 2012 of cardiorespiratory arrest. Interestingly, he also played the character Abuelo Lauro Dávalos (Federica’s father), after Sergio Ramos passed away.

She worked in ‘Llena de amor’, ‘El albergue’ and ‘Al diablo con los guapos’, productions in which she shared the screen with Mara Escalante, Ariel Miramontes, Valentino Lanús and Ariadne Díaz.

The protagonist of the play ‘Aventurera’ appeared in the chapter ‘Sueño de telenovela’, in which she played María Josefina, a domestic worker with whom Ludovico P. Luche (Eugenio Derbez) dreams.

The also dancer died in June 2019, after suffering from ovarian cancer. During her time on television, cinema and theater, the actress left a great legacy such as ‘Doña Bárbara’, ‘Salomé’, ‘Wild heart’ and ‘Vivir a destiempo’, in which she collaborated with Humberto Zurita.

The well-known comedian appeared in the first season as one of the criminals who get involved in Ludoviquito P. Luche’s party. (played by Miguel Pérez). The actor from ‘La hora pico’, ‘Serafín’, ‘La parodia’ and ‘Picardia mexicana’ died unexpectedly in April 2008, after suffering a respiratory arrest.

The COVID-19 pandemic took some celebrities, among them the comedian Sammy, who in addition to his time at The P. Luche family, was part of the cast of productions such as’ No manches’, ‘Impossible section’, ‘Neighbors ‘and the movie’ No refunds are accepted ‘with his friend, Eugenio Derbez.

Although he did not participate directly in the series, in 2020, the actor known for his role as Benito in ‘Neighbors’, made a meeting with Ludoviquito P. Luche, in which they talk about what they have done and their current jobs. The famous man died unexpectedly on October 29 after, allegedly, being shot in the head.

Despite his departure, the actors of La familia P. Luche remain in the memories of his followers, who repeat his phrases and constantly relive their best moments on screen.

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Actors of the P. Luche family who have already passed away: their fans still miss them