Actress Isabel Torres dies: How did the protagonist of the series Veneno die?

Actress Isabel Torres died

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Actress Isabel Torres died

The entertainment world dressed in mourningthis time after revealing the death of actress Isabel Torres, recognized for being one of the stars of Spanish television, especially remembered for the series “Veneno”.

The 52-year-old actress He died this Friday, February the age of 52, after battling hard against lung cancer, which was diagnosed in 2018

The sad announcement was made through instagram account from the actress herself, where the actor’s family posted a photograph of the screen star and a message highlighting the star’s lively personality.

“Today, February 11, 2022, we say goodbye to Isabel. Although her family and her friends deeply feel her loss, we know that wherever she goes she will have fun as only she knows how, “the letter assured. “Thank you for all the expressions of affection and concern. She has left feeling very loved and protected”.

The newspaper El Diario NY He assured that the health of the actress had worsened in recent days, because the cancer metastasized to the bones.

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Despite the cancer with which the actress had been fighting for more than three years, she always showed a very positive attitude that set an example for her fans, who did not stop praising her and sending her best wishes through their networks.

Even in one of his most recent Instagram posts, he showed that claw with which he took his illnessand in a message, where she looked gorgeous and with a red lipstick, she said: “When life turns gray, put on a slutty red… a Passion Red 💄…”.

Fans of the Spanish actress do not forget her for the masterful character of Cristina Ortiz in “Veneno”

Isabel Torres only spoke publicly about her condition in March 2020, when she assured that her health had worsened.

Last November she was even more raw when talking about her condition, and in a very honest way she shared a video with her fans, in which she saw herself coming down and in which she said that she only had two months to live.

“Let’s see if I get over it. If I get over them: fine, and if not too. Life is like that (…) thanks, “she commented in that moving message, where she said she had very intense pain.

“They don’t know what hurts me. The pain is the worst thing I have, but hey, it is what it is. I want to thank everyone for everything they have done for me. Life is so beautiful that you have to live it“added the actress, who did not lose hope of a miracle. “If I get out of this, I will reconnect. If I don’t go out, it has been a pleasure to be with you and to live. Live this beautiful experience called life. See you in heaven!”.

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Actress Isabel Torres dies: How did the protagonist of the series Veneno die?