Actress Marcela Valencia gave a lesson to anti-vaccines

Photo: Instagram @marcelavalenciar
Photo: Instagram @marcelavalenciar

In the midst of the controversy over the ‘anti-vaccine passport’ endorsed by various famous, the actress Marcela valencia, co-founder of Petra Theater and who is remembered for his participation in series such as Mafia Dolls Y Alias ​​’The Mexican’, sent a message to all those who have been incredulous about the covid-19 vaccine.

It was through her Twitter account that the Pagan woman explained, through a ‘thread’, that as with the drug against said virus, there are others that have been used for a long time and few are aware of its true components . He even named some food and toiletries in his argument.

“No, I don’t know what this vaccine contains, nor the ones that they gave me as a child or what the treatments against cancer, HIV, polyarthritis, vaccines for babies or children contain. I don’t know if the ingredients in my soap, shampoo or deodorant are bad. I don’t know the long-term effect of cell phone use or if the restaurant I just ate at actually used clean food and the person who served me washed their hands, “he said.

Despite all the uncertainties about which Marcela Valencia spoke, she admits that humanity has made use of these items and medicines, that is why the three doses have been applied against the coronavirus.

Similarly, invited the entire population to inoculate against the virus, because it warns that it is the only way to return to normality little by little.

“I am vaccinated, not to please the Government, but to not die from covid-19, not require a hospital bed if I get sick, hug my loved ones, help me travel more easily (…) so that the coronavirus is an ancient memory and to protect us, “he added.


Although the text that Marcela Valencia shared is about a chain that has gone viral among those who support the National Vaccination Plan (PNV), the message is timely if one takes into account that, according to the most recent report from the National Institute of Health and the Ministry of Health, Colombia reached 5,219,633 confirmed cases and 130,149 deaths due to the virus.

Another of the public figures who spoke recently in the same vein was Nicolas Arrieta, who criticized famous celebrities such as Natalia Paris and Elizabeth Loaiza for publicly demonstrating their rejection of the doses offered by the Government to control the pandemic.

For him youtuber From Bogotá, it is illogical that those who have undergone surgery several times and have even fought a dense fight against biopolymers that were injected in the past, are the first to reject the covid-19 vaccines “because they do not know what they are composed of ”.

“I do not know why it surprises me that the first to promote these passports are models or influencers who do not want to be vaccinated, according to them, because they do not know what is in the medicine and because the Government cannot tell you what to do, but they do know they inject biopolymers into their ass (…) they inject drugs, they smell everything and now they are not going to get vaccinated, “Arrieta concluded through some stories he posted on Instagram.

It is key to mention that according to the Colombian Ministry of Health, Between February 17 and December 31, 2021, 64,690,489 vaccines against covid-19 were applied, which means a total of 141.7 inoculates per minute.


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Actress Marcela Valencia gave a lesson to anti-vaccines