Actress of ‘Doctor Strange’ was convicted of sexual abuse of minors

A scandal is going through an actress and her husband, after being found guilty of sexual abuse with minors in the United Kingdom. This is Zara Phythian, who is known worldwide for her role in the Marvel production Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme, playing Brunette Zealot, and her husband Victor Marke.

The Nottingham Crown Court in the United Kingdom found the actress guilty of 14 counts of sexual abuse against minors perpetrated from 2005 to 2008., according to local media reports. However, Phythian denied his involvement in the charges filed. Apparently, the actress would have had sexual relations with a girl since she was 13 years old.

For his part, Marke would also have taken advantage of the minor and even claimed to be guilty of the 18 charges that were charged for the abuse of the mentioned minor and for another 15-year-old victimof which he would have abused from 2002 to 2003, as confirmed by the British network BBC.

Apparently, the abuse would have started when Phythian was 19 years old, and at that time they would have offered the victims alcohol to later have sexual relations with them.

“I remember trying to copy Zara’s reaction at the time, because I admired her and tried to be like her,” affirmed the victim of the actress in the middle of an interview for the aforementioned medium, remembering how she ended up involved in what would be the game of the married couple.

And I add: “I knew it was wrong, but I didn’t know how to get out of the situation, or say anything,” emphasizing that in the midst of his innocence, he was aware that the repeated abuses hurt him; However, she is she would not have told the truth in time, since, apparently, Marke would have told her that “no one would believe her” if she was she decided to tell the truth.

“This abuse may have happened a few years ago, but that doesn’t make it any less serious and it’s also not a barrier to justice,” These were the words of Nicole Hepburn, who is a CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) representative for the BBC, referring to the seriousness of the case and the independence of the time in which the abuse occurred, affirming that it is necessary to do justice.

It is expected that on May 16 the sentence will be handed down for both involved.

Actor Ricardo Crespo, sentenced to 19 years in prison for abusing his daughter

Mexican actor Ricardo Crespo, ex-Garibaldi and actor of Z-control, of Netflix, for having sexually abused his daughter from the age of five to 14.

On May 3, a judge of the Superior Court of Justice of Mexico City decided to sentence Ricardo “to 19 years in prison for having found him guilty of the crime of aggravated sexual abuse, committed continuously to the detriment of his daughter, the minor with a reserved identity of VCR initials”, was announced by the Mexican media.

It is worth noting that Ricardo Crespo was arrested in February 2021 and placed in preventive detention in the Reclusorio Sur of Mexico City, seven months after the legal process began.

“In October of last year, I decided to speak first with my mother, my grandmother and brother. I tell them and ask them to please not do anything about it yet. It cost me too much, it was not easy for me. Obviously, to this day I come to think that it was my fault. I come to think of all that, many things that come to my mind, but you know, all those years that I had saved that were worse because I was killing myself inside alone, ”wrote the sexually abused minor in 2021.

Later, on February 16, the photos of his capture were released. In the images he was seen handcuffed, wearing dark clothes and with a protective mask against covid-19, inside a Mexican Police patrol.

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Actress of ‘Doctor Strange’ was convicted of sexual abuse of minors