Actress Veronica Forqué: former MasterChef participant found dead

Authorities of the city of Madrid, Spain, found in the last hours the lifeless body of the actress Veronica Forqué in his house located on Víctor de la Serna street.

According to the newspaper ‘El Mundo’, the emergency services could not do anything to save the artist, so her death was declared at the scene.

Veronica Forqué

Verónica Forqué starring in the film What Have I Done to Deserve This? (1984), by the director Pedro Almodavar.


Netflix / Kaktus Cinematographic Productions.

Forqué, who had participated in the last edition of the reality show ‘MasterChef Celebrity‘He had to leave the program due to the constant relapses he suffered from his depressive problems.

She pointed out at the time that she felt exhausted and that “her body had said enough.”

“I am not feeling well, I am exhausted (…) I have fought for ten weeks, the experience is one of the best of my life, you know boss (Chef Pepe Rodriguez) that I am very fighter and I am learning a lot. What a pity, I’m sorry I can’t keep up but I can’t, my body can’t, I can’t handle my soul. I’ll be back when I’m good“he exclaimed to the cooking show judges upon his retirement.

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It is not known so far if the cause of his death is linked to his problems with depression.

The actress She was found without vital signs around 12:45 pm, Spanish time, by health entities, as confirmed by the aforementioned media.

The incident is still the subject of investigation by the authorities.

Roles and life of Verónica Forqué

The actress was born on December 1, 1955 in Madrid, Spain. Film director’s daughter Jose Maria Forqué and the renowned writer Carmen Vasquéz-Vigo, who launched her artistic career in the early 70s, when she starred in some of her father’s films.

He had great media and acting recognition in the mid-80s when he played the role of ‘Cristal’ in the film ‘What have I done to Deserve This?’, By the director Pedro Almodovar, and when he played ‘Ana’ in ‘La happy life ‘, feature film that earned her to be awarded her first goya award.

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During his career he participated in more than 25 film productions, theatrical and television. A career that positioned her as one of the most beloved and recognized artists in Spain in the last 40 years.

He was currently in the development of a series in Netflix titled ‘A Thousand Kilometers from Christmas’, directed by Álvaro Fernandez Armero.

The film is expected to be released on December 24.

Veronica Forqué

Verónica Forqué at the Goya Awards celebration gala on March 6, 2021.

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Actress Veronica Forqué: former MasterChef participant found dead