Adamari López and the fabulous outfits with which she kept her mouth shut all year

Without a doubt, 2021 was a crucial year in the life of the beautiful Puerto Rican actress, Adamari Lopez, both physically, lovingly and professionally, receiving in some cases criticism for his new figure, as well as his decision to separate from his partner, Toni Costa. However, she always came out with her head up, sure of herself, looking fabulous outfits with whom he kept mouths all year long.

And it is that, after so many years of criticism, ridicule and attacks by his figure, the host of the Telemundo program, Today, Adamari Lopez, decided to “take the bull by the horns”, and completely renew himself, both physically and mentally, so he set out to lose weight, joining a tough challenge of physical activation and nutrition, with which he has managed to lose more of 13 kilograms since the beginning of the year.

The change has been quite remarkable, managing to look super slim, gorgeous and much younger, but, above all, happier, more confident and self-confident, which has served as inspiration for many women seeking those same results.

However, not everything can be rosy, because on your way to improving your lifestyle, Adamari Lopez She has received many cheers, congratulations and expressions of affection, but also endless criticism and attacks from people who insist on insulting, criticizing and attacking her for different reasons.

However, the star of soap operas like Friends and rivals Y wild cat, and ex-wife of the singer Luis Fonsi, has preferred not to enter into controversy, and simply shut up mouths with drastic results on her now super slim and jovial image through fabulous outfits, which we show you below.

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  • Leather dress showing leg

Without a doubt, the great opportunity that he lived Adamari Lopez During the year, it was the invitation he received to be a judge in the most important beauty pageant in the world, miss Universe, where he was representing the Latino community at the jury table to decide who would be the new world representative of the organization, which turned out to be Harnaaz Sandhu, representative of India.

During your trip to Eilat, Israel, where the contest was held, the mother of Alaïa Costa She surprised us with her exquisite, detailed and daring looks, but we were left with a divine, elegant and imposing black leather dress, with which she showed off her figure and her shapely legs to the fullest, thanks to a large opening in the front.

One of the most incredible projects that the spoiled little girl on television carried out this year was the Telemundo reality show Así se Baila, where, next to Mariana Seoane and Cristian de la Fuente, she was part of the panel of judges who chose the winners of the dance competition between several couples who gave it their all on the dance floor.

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Sunday to Sunday, Adamari Lopez she was breathtaking with her tiny and exuberant outfits, but there was one that she completely fell in love with for her flirty cut and color that highlighted her beauty to the fullest, a tiny dress golden glitter, with which she looked fabulous.

Together with his companions Today, the actress born in Humacao, Puerto Rico celebrated Halloween last October by disguising themselves as big stars of the show business, being Jennifer Lopez the one chosen by Adamari Lopez, who surprised with two incredible outfits, one with denim mini shorts and a navel, and the other, a shiny dress very much in the style of the Bronx diva that caused a sensation, beautiful!


Another of the most exquisite looks of Adamari Lopez within reality This is how you danceIt was a beautiful pink micro dress with ruffles, with which she looked like a real Barbie of flesh and blood, with which she completely fell in love with the viewers. Gorgeous from head to toe.

Definitely, 2021 was a key year in the life of Adamari Lopez, because in addition to drastically losing weight and showing a more jovial and confident image of herself, it also marked her return to soap operas, through Ada’s Luck. Since the beginning of the year, she has shown a great change in every way, which was noticeable through her outfits, wearing increasingly daring, tight, revealing, and youthful garments, like this beautiful orange dress with which she wore her impeccable figure. .

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Adamari López and the fabulous outfits with which she kept her mouth shut all year