Adamari López and Toni Costa announce that they will be together again, like when they fell in love

After several dimes and sayings about whether the actress and presenter of the morning, Today, Adamari Lopez and his now ex-partner Toni Costa would meet again as when they met, the Puerto Rican herself confirmed that she and her daughter’s father Alaïa they will be together again, like when they fell in love.

It was live and in full color that the native of Humacao, Puerto Rico, Adamari Lopez, announced through the program screen This is how you dance, where he serves as judge, that next Sunday he would meet again with Toni Costa to dance in the semi-final of the dance reality show, just like they did just over 10 years ago, when they fell in love.

“I would like to dance with Toni, and the surprise is that we are going to dance together,” emphasized the beautiful 50-year-old actress.

Remember that Adamari Lopez and Toni Costa began their love story, precisely as a result of one or more dances, when the actress from Friends and rivals and Crazy Love participated in the reality show Look who is dancing, where the Spanish dancer was his choreographer.

Everyone remembers that in one of their hottest dances, at the end of the melody and the choreography, Ada and Toni ended up with their faces very close together, evidencing the great chemistry that existed between them, as they could not avoid kissing each other.

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From there, they began to be seen together, and although they did not confirm or deny their relationship, after a while their relationship was more than evident, and then they announced that they were waiting for the arrival of their little Alaïa, and the rest, already is history.

And although many expect a reconciliation of the couple, who were together for 10 years in which everyone fell in love with their relationship, this seems increasingly distant, although with the announcement that they will dance together again live in This is how you dance, reignites the flame of hope in his fans.

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Through your Instagram account, Toni Costa He shared part of his rehearsals with Adamari López for his dance next Sunday starting at 9 at night.

“It’s going to be super good. Full confidence in Adamari because it will turn out super well. That he does not listen to him so that he does not believe it, “he commented in his stories.

Everything seems to indicate that the native of Spain is making merits to win back the beautiful actress of The catWell, he even announced a few days ago that, like Ada, he has already started exercising to strengthen his muscles, which, so far, has worked wonderfully for him, as he looks quite motivated.

However, it seems, everything will remain in hopes because the own Adamari She clarified that the dance she will perform with her ex-husband is considered a closure of their relationship, which began on the dance floor, and thus she intends for it to end.

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Adamari López and Toni Costa announce that they will be together again, like when they fell in love