Adamari López appears in a white swimsuit and is told that the surgery is noticeable

Recently Adamari Lopez He shared with us, through his social networks, that he had a getaway with his daughter Alaïa to Cartagena, in Colombia, one of the objectives of this trip was to be able to visit a lady named Carmen who worked for many years with the Puerto Rican actress.

During your visit, Adamari Lopez took the opportunity to enjoy the beach in the company of friends, so decided to put on a mini white swimsuit who exposed all her charms, so the television host divided opinions with the appearance of his abdomen.

Well, among the comments there were those who told him that in the shape of his body is where one can realize that he did not lose weight with exercise and diet as Adamari López has reported, but that Internet users they pointed out that the surgery is noticeablethis alluding to rumors that the actress had a gastric balloon placed.

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And it is that, as we will remember, Javier Ceriati from Gossip No Like affirmed that Toni Costa’s ex-partner had undergone a surgery to lose weightwhich he pointed out, was a conflict of interest since Adamari López is an ambassador for the Weight Watchers brand that promises to lose weight with diet and exercise.

Given these sayings, Adamari López the only thing he went out to do was showing himself doing his intense exercise routines because it is said that people who have the gastric balloon cannot undergo intense physical activity routines, however, Olga Tanon revived the rumor after stating that the 50-year-old driver yes he had surgery.

In addition, the Puerto Rican singer-songwriter stated that with the gastric balloon you do lose weight but your skin is very loose and that is why you must do a lot of exercise to be able to tone the skin that is mainly on the abdomen, so Internet users quickly related these sayings to Adamari López.

And it is that in the photo we can see Adamari López show off your abdomen with slightly hanging skinso Internet users point out that this is a clear sign that some surgery was done to lose weight, although there were those who also defended the “Soñadoras” actress after seeing the photo in white swimsuit of Ada.

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Fans defend Adamari López

After the affirmations that the state of the abdomen of Adamari López is due to an alleged surgery to lose weight, there were women who came out to defend the ex-wife of Luis Fonsi because they said that her abdomen is that way because she has been a mom and that after giving birth the skin of the abdomen is not the same again.

In addition, others pointed out that the result of her body is the product of diet and exercise and that, as in everything, it is a process that goes little by little, for which they emphasized, Adamari López looks beautiful and her effort and dedication has served to inspire other women that it is possible to change habits for healthier ones.

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Adamari López appears in a white swimsuit and is told that the surgery is noticeable