Adamari López boasts a waist smaller than Thalía in navel and jeans

Without a doubt, one of the most pleasant surprises of this year was the incredible makeover that the beautiful Puerto Rican actress gave, Adamari Lopez, who, this time boasted his waistband smaller than that of Thalia in navel and jeans. The host of the Telemundo program, TodayShe wore a casual outfit, but very flattering, with which she conquered.

The judge of the dance contest, This is how you dance, Adamari Lopez, which recently culminated with his first season, found that at 50 he looks younger and fresher than ever, wearing a statuesque figure that he achieved through a lot of effort and dedication, implementing a challenge of exhaustive exercise and healthy eating.

The outfit of the spoiled little girl from television consists of a blue top with a high neck and long sleeves, which revealed her tiny waist and flat abdomen, which she combined with modern washed-out high-cut skinny jeans and some discreet holes. as well as white Converse sneakers.

Showing off her natural beauty, the most beautiful Adamari Lopez She showed off her face without a single drop of makeup, checking that the years do not pass through her, and to date she looks very jovial and beautiful, as when she was young.

The video shared by the protagonist of Friends and rivals, It is a TikTok with a message for its haters and all those who point it out, since it is about Olga Tañón’s song “La Otra / Mi forma de ser”, which says “whatever they say about me, that’s why I live like crazy, I dance like crazy, jump like crazy, yes, I’m very crazy ”.

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This is not the first time Adamari Lopez He faces criticism very much in his style, through TikTok videos or parodies, which have delighted, since it is not his style to enter into controversy by responding to the attacks.

And it is that, for several years, Ada has been constantly criticized, before for her weight and complexion, and now that she has already managed to lose a few extra pounds and change her life to a healthier style, she is criticized for her current separation from her now a former partner, the Spanish dancer, Toni Costa, with whom he lived for 10 years and together they had a beautiful girl, named Alaïa Costa.

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The truth is that, currently, the beautiful ex of the singer is seen Luis Fonsi very happy and full, enjoying her new life and figure, which has given her more security and self-esteem that is reflected through the screen. It looks wonderful!

“What self esteem !!! I will say as children say: when I grow up, I want to be like you ”,“ I love the youth that you radiate, how beautiful !! ”,“ If you feel happy, what does it matter what they say ”,“ You are in your moment “Enjoy it !!”

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Adamari López boasts a waist smaller than Thalía in navel and jeans