Adamari López breaks down and sees her separation reflected in that of Adrián Di Monte and Sandra Itzel

Adamari López.

Adamari López.

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Shaken, almost unable to speak, with a mixture of sadness, frustration and even perhaps anger, Adamari López breaks in ‘Así Se Baila’ and confesses that she sees her separation from Toni Costa reflected in that of Adrián Di Monte and Sandra Itzel.

As we told you, this tenth Sunday reality show on Telemundo was full of emotions. One of the most moving was the presentation of Adrián Di Monte and Sandra Itzel. Them they chose to dance ‘Jupiter’ by Pablo Alborán, because it is a song that represents the love story they lived in the marriage they had for 9 years and the end of it.

They danced crying, but even more they disarmed Adamari López, who in the return confessed to them that he saw his current situation reflected with hers, who as we know has been separated from the father of her daughter, Alïa for a few months.

But what attracted the most attention was when, with awe at the time of speaking, Ada told Itzel and Di Monte: “The love and trust that you two have for each other is incredible, and how this transforms into a couple that is no longer a couple, but is still perfect … I can also see myself reflected in my situation in yours and I am very moved by what what are they living“, He began saying.

But then Adamari broke down and even had sparks of rage when he addressed Adrián: “I think that when a person speaks honestly they are much braver and much appreciated, even if it is not what we want to hear… Adrián shows himself as a great man who has the courage, and the pants! to be able to speak from the heart“.

But this did not end there Di Monte explained that being separated perhaps was because they started very young, and that his anger is that when he feels ready, and perhaps he returns for her, she is no longer there for him.But Sandra is a great woman anyway and she just wants me to be happy with him or someone else.

Again Adamari reacted to these words, as if the message was not only for Di Monte, but also for Toni, he said: “This is how all men should be, speak the truth, speak with respect, one as a woman can understand it. But what he is doing is much braver than most men do.. Adrián for you a thank you and what you are doing is very valuable, calm down, God’s timing is perfect ”.

Do youWhy did Adamari break like this? Why did you feel so reflected in the story of Adrián and Sandra? Recall that the couple of actors announced their separation weeks before entering ‘Así Se Baila. Although at first both said that it was in common agreement, the reality is different.

Sandra has no doubts that Adrián is the man of her life and with whom she still dreams of having children. In the case of the Cuban actor, he feels that they married very young and that he still has many things to live before continuing with a commitment of this height, therefore, Before failing what he considers a great woman, he preferred to end the marriage.

In the case of Adamari, it was she who decided to separate, first temporarily until they could see if they could return and then permanently. Although the true reasons were never said, and for a long time Toni bet that they would return, one of the rumors, the strongest, says that the presenter of ‘Hoy Día’, would have found too compromising messages with a dancer and at that moment I would have asked him to leave the house.

Today, Costa would be betting again on a relationship with the influencer Evelyn Beltrán, and López continues to focus on his health and continue betting on his best version. However, just like Sandra and Adrián did this Sunday, next Sunday Adamari and Toni will tell their love story on the track of ‘Así Se Baila’.



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Adamari López breaks down and sees her separation reflected in that of Adrián Di Monte and Sandra Itzel