Adamari López breaks the silence and talks about her happiness at being a Miss Universe jury

Adamari López.

Adamari López.

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We told you exclusively, and now Adamari Lopez break the silence and talk about his happiness of being a juryand miss Universe“, While ending his quarantine from Israel.

Interviewed by Chiquibaby, Quique Usales and Nacho Lozano, Adamari expressed how happy she is about this opportunity that gave him the organization of Miss Universe, and of Telemundo that gave him permission to be a jury.

I am very happy, and I feel very fortunate that the Miss Universe organization gives me the opportunity, along with Telemundo, to be in this edition number 70 as a jury for this edition … Very happy, very excited to represent Latinos to my community, to represent my land in this important event, “he began by saying.

Quique, who as we know is a fashion specialist and for years he has fallen in love with the public with his advice on clothing, and makeovers, He asked him if he already knew what he was going to wear for the great gala Sunday, December 12.

Ada told him that she has several options from Latino designers that she always uses., but that has not yet been decided, because before the big night, you must participate in various events, including the interview you will have with each of the candidates to vote.

Just about this Nacho Lozano asked him, what was he going to look at when voting?

“I have been studying the participants a lot. Many with many different stories, from different backgrounds: some have studied hard and have prepared, other They have had very strong life experiences that they have had to fight, and today see if they can be spokespersons of different causes; other concerned about the environment, others concerned about mental health… I’m still preparing to interview them, and see how we can choose that beauty who will represent us, and see what they can do for our communityAdamari concluded.

López is currently in quarantine in Israel, complying with the COVID-19 protocol. Tomorrow, since all the tests gave her negative for coronavirus, she will begin her work as a judge of Miss Universe 2021.

A few days ago we told you that The presenters of the Miss Universe broadcast for the Telemundo network will be just two companions of Adamari in ‘Así Se Baila’, Jacky Bracamontes and Cristián de la Fuente. But the official host of the event will once again be Steve Harvey.

Miss Universe can be seen in the United States, in its Spanish version, this coming Sunday, December 12, live from coast to coast on the Telemundo network, from 7 pm East / 6 pm Central / 4 pm West, when the beauty pageant will I took place from Eilat, Israel.


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Adamari López breaks the silence and talks about her happiness at being a Miss Universe jury